Sunday, December 21, 2008


Well it has been forever since I blogged here. I am contemplating on making this my only personal Blog because I just can't keep up right now with LJ.

Life has been moving incredibly fast for me. Ever since I went full force quitting my last job and getting into my fashion it has been a blessing. I have more projects then I can shake a stick at. I have a lingerie order from this Boutique called Undone. Interest from several other local boutiques such as Cheesecake Boutique and Collier West. My friend Josh and Nicki at Tigertree are wonderfully helpful and supportive. I am also starting a small tote bag store on Etsy with my Friend Brittany soon.

The end of the year was extremely stressful and unfortunate. My grandfather of 99 years old passed away. He was not related to me by blood as he was my grandma's second husband that she married after she was already in her 50's but he was the only grandfather I have every known and treated just as he did all his other grand children. It was Christmas Eve that we got the news and had to make a hasty trip up to Toronto. Also that same day my cousin Charlie had his second child a son named Jesse.

After the trip to toronto for the memorial and funeral service my mom passed out. Very frightening and it was literally after they had just driven back monday night. She walked into the kitchen from the car felt dizzy and my Dad called 911. She had a case of anemia. She had lost somehow half her blood count from internal bleeding. So that was an eventful and tiring week staying with her as long as i could every day to cheer her up. She is not home safely though and recovering.

Also to keep me busy, the boyfriend and I are moving into our House this week. We have been diligently packing away everything and taking it over several boxes at a time. We hope to have almost everything moved out of the apartment at least by this weekend. It will put a little damper on my sewing though as things will not be set up as soon as I would like and half my tools and materials are now spread out. It will be good though. I can't wait to have all this extra room and a HOUSE!!!!!
It is very exciting

As for Etsy It is on Hiatus also till the house moving is done.  Also I have my line sheets to focus on and get all my paper work together to apply for my vendor's license and all that other good stuff that comes with being "sole proprietor" of my design/clothing business.   I need to get another large photo shoot done and put it all together pretty as can be.

Wish me luck in 2009!!!!