Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I am taking a slight break from knitting and patterns to delve into some needle felting for some expected upcoming craft show and holidays in general. I like to top my presents every year with something different and identifiable compared to all the "Hallmark" ribbons and cards.

Last year I made all my cards with Botticelli prints on them.
The year before I made my own tags and decorated each one.
This year felted sweet ornaments.

If you couldn't tell they are a strawberry halved, croissant, and Flan with a berry on top. Not bad for beginning but I can do better.

The Halloween Highball I am participating in will have models ~YAH~ provided and they have also added Terri Stevens from Project runway season 5 as well. This will be interesting. Not to be mean but I much prefer Kelli and her and I get a long really well. I might even be able to help her in her upcoming fashion show in November and do some knitwear for it. I prefer her style also. Even though mine is totally different at least we get and appreciate each other.

I did get my butt into gear this week and actually completed my jacket pattern and made myself and new pair of culottes. I also completed fair isle machine knitting two monkey scarves and have started the finishing on them. I truly hate finishing things from the machine. Blocking machine knitting items is a pain as well. Why do I even use the machine at all I wonder.... Oh that's right because it's FABULOUS! Fast knits in a jiff! making my own fabric to drape and wonder. Easy presents, shawls, fun fair isle that I never have to count rows and lose track. I can keep it all on the machine and not worry about anyone touching it because everyone fears the hundreds of sharp hooked needles! ~end rant~

Monday, September 29, 2008

Classical Music and Fashion?!

I know this is not directly related to me but I thought I would share my thoughts. Maybe someday it will be. I hope so because I would love to be more involved in my local community to help inspire.

Here is my spiel from CU (Columbus Underground Forum)

I just had to put this out there with all the hoopla over the Columbus Symphony and with discussions an internet friend has been having here.

and here

Do you think Classical music can improve it's following if they updated themselves?

I totally think so. not just fashion either. How about performing arts, ballroom dance, ballet, installations, sculpture, Painting, etc etc. There are so many ideas in my head and so many ways to invigorate it. Classical music is not just stuffy and one style there is such a wide range and maybe people don't even think about it when they play a video game, get really into a movie soundtrack but it all has classical roots! Like Video games LIVE! I went to that, enjoyed that and found it wonderful to combine the pop/modern culture with seeing the classical instruments. Maybe I am bias also since I played violin and piano since I was 6.

Think about it........ combine the Columbus Symphony with a Couchfire collaboration where they play music that inspired all the pieces for sale. For a fee allow people who enjoy ballroom the chance to dance to a LIVE Orchestra! Involve and invoke CCAD students to do projects based on an experience from witnessing the orchestra play. Annual fashion shows where each designer is inspired by a piece of classical music to do a 8-10 collection and is displayed as the piece is played or even as they have done for the Nouveau Classical Project

"OHHHH the places you'll go!" and now I will continue to rant this in my LJ.

To follow this up I would say if I had to pick a piece right now to design on it would be the "moldau"

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bubbles all around!

All the glorious bubbles! I updated 3 new colors to my Etsy store today. Winter White, Red and chocolate Brown. I'm in love with how the White turned out. Unfortunately that is all I got done in terms of items for sale. I somehow whittled away my entire day yesterday knitting and Crocheting and DVD watching.

I was invited to come to this fiber festival in yellow Springs Ohio that I do really want to go to. Alas I don't have the time or Money. Because I did nothing productive Wednesday I need to work my butt off Saturday/Sunday to get some muslins done and a jacket pattern made. Hopefully I will have the sense of mind to finish that collar for the striped Blouse and to make something else Full cloth.

There was this great striped denim at the fabric store I eyed. I must be good and wait till I make some more Sales before I invest again.

Did I mention I was on Ravelry? it is pretty awesome all the free patterns for knitting and crocheting that they have on there. I am going to attemp socks again once I get this Extra long Arm warmer under wraps as well as this devlish Stitch Diva Pattern for a "hourglass Jacket". If you are on ravelry you can see my progress as ~tornangel012~

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Coming together

Finally after all the craziness of the Hurricane winds off the backhand of Texas, I found time to do some work and updates.

Who would of thought while my internet was down that I would get 3 new Etsy orders?! Which is great because that paid for me to get new fabrics and FINALLY get some of those gorgeous wool colors in my shop for new bubble scarfs and other items.

I picked up a swatch of that gorgeous deep red Thai silk you see pictured here. I am still working on getting approval for another custom order. Tomorrow I plan to make bubbles all morning and get another piece done that I put off due to the custom order. I am going to make a tank type shirt with bubbles at the bottom that is freesized.

Here are more sketches of things I have in mind.

Oh and I did manage to drape an entire jacket last week. I want it to be very Victorian in nature and am using tapestry fabrics. I hope to have it completed before the leaves start turning so I can get some use out of it and possibly grade it for the store.

I found a good use also for those dumb dogs that Victoria Secret gives out sometimes from PINK. I turned mine into a pin cushion and it is actually very easy to use and hold by one of the legs while I work standing up.

I'm hoping to hear by next week when we are going to get those sponsor's for the fashion show costumes. I am really itching to get started on mine before I get bogged down with everything else.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Highball Halloween Masquerade

So it's been a little bit.......
BUT the Main event isn't till Halloween!

I was invited to be one of the designers for this local Event that is going to be HUGE!
We are going to be given $250.00 to go toward making one extravagant costume. I have a good Idea what I am going to do but I don't want to ruin the surprise.
They will be closing down approx 3 blocks of High Street in the Short North District for the entire evening. One end is a stage for bands and the other end will be the Runway stage. There will be Pet costume contests, people costume contests, drag queen/king contests, and the designers contest with fashion show.

In other news Etsy is going and going. I'm happy to say I think I finally have a new Client. It feels good to say I have a client and to talk about my Client because she is a wonderful and talented person herself. Also a big deal in the TV world. Also on etsy I had another scarf sale ~yay~ I think posting for one of the showcases did help my traffic flow some. I noticed more hits and some new people favoriting items as well as "heart"ing me in general which is always a good feeling.

I've added the scarf to the left and decided to try something different. Instead of me scraping around to get the money for the materials and crossing my fingers hoping someone will buy it I put it up as Custom order only in a limited # for the season. Stating that this will be made to order and so that I can collect the money upfront to buy the supplies. It showed one person making it a favorite but a good # of hits.

My client is going to London and wants something with a Union Jack influence. I'll need to get my butt in gear and sketch like made tonight and send her photos. I also need to hit up the Fabric store. ~sigh~ I was supposed to do all this yesterday but I was incredibly sick. Today I am still not on my "A" game.

The past week I was proud to have complete a mutton two piece sleeve pattern and Samurai pants pattern for Women. I also complete tore apart my blouse collar, resize the entire blouse and now I just need to redo the Collar to fit the new body size.

I've also joined "ravelry" so if you are on there look for me "tornangel012" of course........
You can see projects I am working on my yarn stash etc etc. Fun stuff great assortment of free patterns, ideas and charts!

*that harlequin picture isn't mine, I just googled and it came up from this place called "elfwood" btw*