Sunday, June 28, 2009

Still Processing

I've decided I can not go into this project full blown. I am going to start this month and take it to test drive how successful I am at doing this everyday and my camera. I'm not worried about the blogging or my outfits mostly about getting competent photos of it all. I suck at photography but I have all the tools so I hope to make it all work.

I have even broken out my all manual camera and have taken an entire roll of test shoots.

Let this be the first day/attempt for the Project. I need a snazzier name also then just "The Project" I feel like the "Re-Dedication" just sounds like some weird religious activity. Nothing with the actual word "Fashion"if I can help it either. I would rather not use the word "Couture" either because I am not truly a couture designer. I am not licensed for couture nor do I attempt to be couture so I feel it false to use that word as a title in association with this project.

Maybe "Everyday Original"................ I like that word "Original". I'll keep thinking on this.....

Anyways this is actually a photo from Friday going to "Comfest" I wore Mango dark grey linen shorts, White Rabbit deep V-neck t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, Adina tiny square diamond Necklace from Andy, Synthetic simple mounted 2 carat Alexandrite stone, and to top it all off this vinatge silver and white triple bow white netted cap from CoCo Couture in Grandview, Ohio.

Yes, yes I know you can't see the full outfit one of the things I am working on.............

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Parody In Fashion?

In between my big project I have some small ones I am thinking about also.   I am challenging myself to have an entry into as many Ohio Art League exhibits as possible which is extremely hard being the only Fashion person involved.

Currently they are going to start taking in entries for an exhibit called Fake Irrational.  It is where you take a famous work of art and parody it.  So first I would need to find something utterly famous that everyone can recognize and associate with in Fashion and then make a parody of it? BUT at the same time keeping with my style and being true to myself.

I am thinking of going with one of the most famous and classical photos of Christian Dior that was also unfortunately recently referenced on "The Fashion Show"  I hate when popular media clashes with the things already in my mind.


How do you parody such a perfect silhouette?   Do I really want to do it to make fun of it and do a silicone valley "perfect" women spoof or do I want to pay homage to this graceful image?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Changing my life and being re-dedicated

Today while lounging at the house in unemployment and pondering my life with the cat while doing only domestic chores such as dish washing, laundry, cleaning and folding; one of my most beloved movies came on, "Devil Wears Prada". Call me dumb, materialistic, or fashion obsessed, I care not. This movie inspires me to continue and contribute and to be beautiful and put my mark on the world.

Seeing once again the famous "James Holt" leather bag actually by "La Rue" I got the inkling again that,"I can make that"
so...... why don't I? in fact I can make that and make it better.

"toot toot" right? But this is where it gets more interesting. Along with the pondering today I have been doing some separate pondering on assignments for my interns. Of course there is open an Etsy Page, apply for an art/craft show, photo shoots, portfolio. The most interesting thing that I have come up with which I am doing myself is to contribute to the lovely "Uniform Project". This is a brave girl who has 7 dresses that are exactly the same that she is to wear every single day for the next year. She is accepting donations of accessories and clothing to compliment the dress. All of the proceeds from this project will go to schools in India.

How does this this affect me aside from my donation to come? Well I know I need to do something to change my life. The mundane and ordinary is no life for me. I've missed my boat for this year's Project Runway trials and I need an assignment. So as silly as it may sound I am re-dedicating my life to fashion in a most extreme way as a designer in midwestern city where Abercrombie and Big box stores rule. I am going to stop buying new clothes with the exception of High End designers whom I will make a list even if I may have never owned nor will own one of their pieces. This does not include Shoes but it will accessories under the same terms. Everything else will be made by me or in collaboration with another artist if I do not have the knowledge or means to make what I want. Any and all special events and occasions I am to make an entire new outfit. I would like to set it up to take donations in some form to donate to a good cause. I must research more on local charities because I live here in Columbus, Ohio and I am not moving. I will make my mark from here and show that it is possible, thus I want to give back to the community that I am a part of first.

Today was my last day of shopping for anything mediocre and less then extrodianary.
Fashion is my life in everyway. I love it, I teach it, I preach it, I make it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Running errands and prepping

Today was a worthless day of no designing but it was all prep work that had to happen.

Luckily Andy did make my pattern table! I'll post pictures tomorrow of it.

I had to get my phone replaced at Verizon and talk to my Insurance company for when the security guard at CCAD hit my car in the parking lot. I hate that the security guard admitted this was not the first time this happened to him and made a joke of it while my mini cooper got injured. My poor dream car baby!!! Yes how material of me but this has been my dream car for YEARS I'm not going to let something that I know is not my fault keep me down. Even though they are trying to claim it as my fault.

Sure it looked like it but they weren't there to see the Guard driving in the middle right at me amidst my turn not even breaking till it was too late. It is a narrow lot and there is no avoiding wide turns when leaving. It was all clear when I started my turn and BAM he hit me. The other guard thought it was me because it was my front bumper and the other security guards back side of the car.

My Interns start tomorrow. I can't wait. I know one of them can use a knitting machine and they other can do basic handknit. I hope they are fast learners because they both need to machine knit and handknit at an intermidate level for me. I have lace stockings and shawls in mind for the fall/winter. Steam Punk is the theme. Heavy Victorian accents and lot's of leather strapping and vests. Tomorrow will be introductions to my style, inspirations and maybe a movie to watch. I also need to prep them to used the serger a lot and help me with pieces for the July Lingerie Trunk show.

This Collar of mine has made it into a book that should be coming out this winter. It's a variegated open lacework collar out or Noro Kureyon worsted weight.

I wish my Men's ninja Collar had made it but I had such terrible photos I don't blame it not making it in. I will have several of them for the Fashion show though.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Its all starting up again

Another long overdue post.

Several things going on in my world right now.
I just sold a piece at the OAL (Ohio Art League) Event One night in a Hundred. It was a great event. I wish there were more people who had come to support us but I think they ended up doing pretty well. I connected with several people there such as the Collier West owners and my Golf Buddy John from the CCAD Golf Outing I did.

Speaking of which that was a good time and another good connection. My Scramble team WON the CCAD Golf outing and I am forever immortalized on a Plaque in Canzani. Having been the ONLY actual representative of CCAD on that team I am also ingrained in the memory of the president of the School ~points~. Also my cart buddy was once a well established woman's accessories designer who sold to Saks, Henri Bendel, and many other high end stores. Also happened to be alumni of the same High School that I am from but many many years earlier.

Along with CCAD news I just finished my first workshop with the High School students and it went perfectly. They all loved it, had a great time and had a lot of things to take home to show their parents. A lot of parents also spoke to me and thanked me for such a great program. Those kids were amazing. They Accomplished more then I ever thought they would. I can't wait for the College Preview to Start.

I have a trunk show coming up at Undone on July 25th. I am trying to get a lot of pieces done that can be worn and interperted with the lingerie. Good thing I have my two interns starting next week to help me get this going.

Yep that's right I have interns this summer. How crazy is that? I hope this will really help me to focus and jump start on advertising myself and getting into some boutiques outside of Columbus.

Other interesting news that has nothing to do with me is that two of my former college classmates have made themselves pretty famous. First is Ra'mon Lawrence-Coleman who is going to be on the new Project Runway coming up on Lifetime. Second Matt Ames was just in an article in W as a rising fashion designer to look out for. Congrats guys seriously! I will be there someday. I'm severely contemplating that I need to do the Project Runway route before I get too engrossed but I hope that I do well enough on my own to perhaps not need that.

Only time will tell.
In the meantime I am going to try several different formats and things with this Blog. I am also going to be moving all my content to my site. As well as making updates with the help of my trusty Andy!