Friday, February 20, 2015

Business is never usual

WOAH what a trip the past few months have been! Our first holiday season at the store and it was great! but then quickly came the checks and balances between paying off orders, new orders and still being mid season for fibers.

We found we have had lurch just the same as everyone else in February. Somedays no one comes in and other days during a snow storm a stream of people come in. Who knows what will happen in retail. Even as long as I have worked in retail clothing (over 10 years)  it's hard to judge what will happen day to day.

I have good vibes and strong faith in our little growing business.
I feel more and more encouraged by hearing great feedback from my vendors and new vendors. Lately there has been a good amount of compliments saying that we are their biggest and best stockist, or they came across our website and liked what we were doing and how selective we are and would like to be a part of that selection. I also appreciated that when we talked on the phone they said we were their first choice in the area of shops to be a part of and wanted to know if it was ok for them to contact the other stores or if we wanted to be their primary stockist for central Ohio.


This week also had a short email conversation with someone in England about us carrying their crewel wools to start embroidery classes and they complimented us heavily on our lovely looking website and being so modern with our design and selection of companies that we carry.

Even though sales are in the slums with everyone recovering from overspending on the holidays and guarding their pockets for tax season, these compliments and conversations are just what we needed to know we are doing good and it's in a much larger sense than just our local community.

I just had to post this little love rant diddy out there someplace and not clog up the social media spheres.

Cheers and Onwards friends!