Thursday, July 31, 2008

These are my Inspiration colors for my fall/winter collection.
Of course White will be included also but I leave that out because there is always white, It is the blank canvas of it all.

Currently I am trying to wrestle up all unfinished projects to post on Etsy and for myself to clear up the basement and get me prepared to work hard and Drape for hours in the next two weeks.

I have high goals for myself. I want to have the fencer jacket re-draped and graded in 2 sizes, Men's sweater pattern for the machine completed, Kimono pants for men's and women's. My current theme Idea is outfitting a blade welding warrior. But I'll have to see where the sketches take me for everything. It will definitely be a more urban feel not so draped pretty, but structured and ready for combat you could say. I need to start to think of a different group to gear towards if I want it to work in Columbus. Not a lot of people are interested in wearing high couture type garments.

Here is a sweater I finally finished for myself, I may make another for etsy, I'm not so sure yet as the yarn is very expensive. It's a felted angora/wool combo.

Somehow I spent my entire day off at my Knitting Machine and it was great! Got a lot done and started on the sample for the Men's sweater I have in mind for the Collection.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I am going to have another Water color to add to the Etsy this week and it is not a skyline. I also am working on a bunch of small copper rings with pearls all knitted of course, maybe I will make some more sculptural with flowers or leaves or something to stick out.

I accomplished a lot last week and finished the muslin draping. I will be making a fabric sample this week. If all goes well I will make two and put one on Etsy. I hope to make a sale this week so that I have a little cash to put back in to get some buttons for this lace knit collar I made in bright yellow.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've decided to finally do something a little more creative. With the Start of the new Project Runway I feel invigorated to work on my own small fall/winter collection.

I will be doing 3 men's looks and 5 women's looks. I did some sketches and have the whole Men's line up figured out and I've stared the women's but I get a little stuck on the tops because I want to do knitwear but I don't want it to be super consuming that I can't reproduce it. I want it to be very ready to wear that if needed I can manufacture myself.

I practiced draping the other day and finished a full top, pattern and full muslin but I need to adjust the pattern and I think this weekend I will do fabric. It looks really good. Nothing overly complicated just something that I wanted to do for myself. If I like it enough I will make a winter version because I think it will translate very well.

The Skirt pictured is something I have been working with but need to finish the back bustle. I'm not even sure what it is for anymore. I started it for the Sex and the City Premiere which I ended up not even going to. I think I will finish it up and wear it to one of the local Gallery Hops. it still needs a lot of work on the shape at the bottom to trim and if I am going to finish it with the serger or not.

The basement finally got some of the clutter cleaned out so I could finally hang something as a backdrop. Now I just need to get my lighting set up and work with the tripod more to get the best shot for my small space, pictured to the left with me in it (not so flattering, I look like a retro pinup house mom with the laundry basket and ironing board ~haha~)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finally I took the time to update my Etsy! Not a lot of new stuff mostly paintings of mine. 2 Water color's and one acrylic. Then this copper cuff i have pictured here which took me longer then I thought it would. I'd never done knitting with copper so wide before. it was fun though but cramped my fingers like crazy. I think I will make another one but load it down with tons of pearls on the top or try to do an entire single row of just pearls vertically would be nice.

Always things to do differently the second time around. One of the watercolors I don't really want to part with but I figured if I like it enough to keep it surely someone else would like it enough to buy it, right?

I am working on another water color at the moment and I'm not sure how it is turning out............ it's better then it's previous forms but still not what I had envisioned. I think I need to move up to larger paper sizes to get the full effect that I want since I can't seem to train myself to paint smaller. I would also really like to do a simple tiny fruit series in water color so that I might be able to fit like 4 mini water colors into a 8x10" frame! I think that would be super nice looking. I also want to take real city skylines and integrate them into my skyline series. I was thinking I won't do the whole recognizable parts. I will do each city in a series of sections so lined up they would be meaningful and do colors to fit the moods and different times. I don't want something simple like dawn to dusk that is SOOO predictable. I like to be different!

I need to focus really hard on getting my clothing photographed for Etsy. I finally figure how to hang a sheet in the basement but it's huge and needs to be ironed. I've completed 3 collars from hairpin lace and am mastering the buttonhole function on the sewing machine still. I am going to attempt it this weekend using some interface between to give it more strength. I have a dark grey, black, yellow and I am going to make a red collar. I think these would be wonderful winter consignment items.

I also made this great variation on the ruffles that makes it more wearable and a little dandy! I will post pictures next week and work on the pattern more. So many patterns to make and so little time!

On a positive note I did have 3 new people Heart me this past week so that is AWESOME! It means there are people out there looking and they like what they see, now if only they would BUY SOMETHING! ~lol~
Oh and PS my hair is now Purple!