Friday, December 30, 2011

Curriculum Vitae

With the new year just around the corner and my Grad app about 80% complete it has been a little bit amazing putting together my CV.  I have never done one before and looking around the internet there doesn't seem to be any one standard format.  I've gone through at least three different attempts and finally I think I nailed it with something I am happy with.  Even more so it was hard to look back and see everything I had done and try to fill the gaps and dates.  Once it was all accomplished it was a relief and a bit astonishing.  I get through life mostly day by day, one goal at a time.  They used to be big goals like graduating High School in time, getting into my dream Art School, getting through art school in 4 years.  Now they are a lot shorter such as entering this contest or that one, getting certain pieces photographed, updating my etsy store.  Doing this grad application has really pushed me to get a lot of professional things which I needed to do anyways done in a very short amount of time.  It has been a good thing.

This is the most recent piece that I finished and probably the last for the portfolio before I submit it.  you might remember it from THIS post when I started it. I just thought I would add this in here before it get's more wordy.

Now back to that CV.......  Overall looking at it, I haven't been as inactive as I thought, there were a good number of years between college and now that I wasn't doing anything but once I got my head back on straight I was back into it.  And now I present to you basically my life as an artist up till now.

The CV

Yonsei University Korean Language Program 1999
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 1999-2003 – BFA focus in Fashion/Sculpture
Internship with Gary Graham Independent Fashion Designer, Tribeca NYC 2002

Teaching Experience
Columbus College of Art and Design 2009 – present
Continuing Education Instructor in fashion
Saturday Morning Art Class Instructor for fashion fundamentals
College Preview Elective Instructor in Fashion Fundamentals
Wholly Craft Crochet instructor – 2011 – present
Milk Bar – Sewing & tailoring instructor 2010 – present
Stitching Post, Husqvarna certified sewing machine instructor
Brother International Sewing Machine Ambassador 2011

2001 The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Fashion Show - Chicago, IL
2002 The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Fashion Show - Chicago, IL
2002 The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Fashion Gala Showcase - Chicago, IL
2003 The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Fashion Show - Chicago
2003 International Styles Scotland Fashion Show - Chicago IL
2003 International Styles Scotland Fashion Show - Glasgow, Scotland
2003 Art Institute of Chicago BFA Show - Chicago, IL 

2008 Kelli Martin Anti-Label Fashion Show - Knitwear Designs - Columbus, Ohio
2008 Short North Halloween Highball Fashion Show - Columbus, Ohio
2008 Tiny Canary Craft Show - Columbus, Ohio

2009 Ohio Art League One Night in a Hundred
2009 Ohio Art League Thumb box exhibition
2009 Ohio Art League’s One Hundred Annual Spring Juried Exhibition
2009 Short North Halloween Highball Fashion Show - Columbus, Ohio
2009 Tiny Canary Art Show - Columbus, Ohio
2009  Craftin' Outlaws Craft Show - Columbus, Ohio

2010 Independents Day - Columbus, Ohio
2010 Touchy Feely Exhibition at Ohio Art League
2010 Ohio Art League Thumb Box Exhibition
2010 Ohio Art League One Night
2010 Craftin' Outlaws - Columbus, Ohio
2010 Viewfinder Arts and Craft Show - Columbus, Ohio

2011 Independents Day - Columbus, Ohio
2011 Craftin Outlaws - Columbus, Ohio
2011 Crafty Supermarket - Cincinnati, Ohio
2011 Ohio Art League One Night - Fiction - Columbus, Ohio
2011 Ohio Art League Thumb Box Exhibition - Columbus, Ohio
2011 Wonderland Shirt Show - Columbus, Ohio 

2008 Tiny Canary Art Show - promotional card image
2009 Promo commercial on CW for Short North Halloween Highball 
2009 John Reuban, Jamboree Music Video - Fashion Design
2009 Tiny Canary Art Show - promotional card image
2009 Styl Russian Magazine - special on Military inspired fashion 
2009 Favor Magazine - Enchanted Editorial - fashion designs
2009 promotion for minicards - artist business cards
2009 Uniform Project - Daily feature March and December garment donations for Akanksha
2009 Columbus Underground - Local Designer Article
2010 Knitting Pattern in Knit and Wrap published by Lark Crafts
2010 The Daily Book of Photography, Fashion Design Section 
2010 Columbus Alive! November 18- Viewfinder artist article
2010 CMH - Beauty Among Ruin Beauty Editorial - fashion designs
2011 Women’s Day Specials Budget Weddings Vol. 1 Number 1, Brother International advertisement
2011 Better Homes and Gardens Do It Yourself Fall 2011, Brother International advertisement
2011 Rock N’Roll Bride UK publication, Artist/Designer Bride

2002 Recipient of the Emmanuel Ungaro Marshall Fields Scholarship
2003 Grand Prize Winner of the Styles Scotland International Fashion Show
2011 Brand Ambassador for Brother Sewing Machines International

Ohio Art League
Columbus Crafty Cotillion

Volunteer work
Independents Day - Craft Alley Main Organizer 2010-present
Ohio Art League Gallery and Events 2009-present

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bountiful Christmas

I know I keep apologizing for the lack of content on my posts lately.  I'm just very focused on this whole Grad School application business. I have been turning down parties and free time left and right to squeeze in some more "art time" for making new pieces for the portfolio and explore my own feelings about why and what I'll do with an MFA. It's like the Hobbit, where it was supposed to be a simple journey when started and then things expanded and changed around you (yes I am that big of a nerd to reference the Hobbit in comparison to my current life status).  I'm in the home stretch where all my letters of recommendation are in, I have started to load my portfolio and my Letter of intent is at a comfortable state to be edited and finished for submission.

One thing I did do was take the time off to enjoy the Christmas Holiday.  I put down all my projects and picked up something relaxing to work on while we were doing the holiday bustle between relatives.  Taught myself how to do this Scaled Crochet Pattern and stared some wristlets for myself. I had a good amount of downtime at various relatives houses and events.

Now for the Booty!
(and there was much rejoicing *yah*)
 The Classic Christmas Tree and the family dog enjoying her own little Christmas gift

 This was the combined load of the Hubby and I for Christmas.  Lot's of nuts, candy, coffee and then some luggage that was on our wedding registry that we never got, new light weight bike jacket for him, some his/her mugs.

Then there were the gifts from Andy and his Family just for me, mostly from Andy.
 Two Japanese Tatting books from the brother in law
Japanese pattern book Drape Drape 3 from mother in law
The rest is from my darling hubby who knows me all too well.
Angry birds, macro/wide angle lens for my camera, electronic/game devices.

 I can't wait to go through these books and give you all the reviews!

 My electronics included the super snazzy Kindle Fire! (which I also look forward to reviewing for you), Wii-mote charger station, ridiculous Wii-mote sword and shield adapter while I am playing Zelda's Skyward Sword.

That's right........... it glows blue!
In addition to these fantastic Gifts I got a month free of Amazon Prime to use with my Kindle Fire so I ordered my self about 5 new presser feet and some accessories for my Kindle in a 
"Treat yo self" fashion.  I'm eyeing a few more Japanese craft books to spend the last of the Christmas cash too.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Getting in the Saddle again

I've been on a hiatus from doing photo shoots for nearly a year.  I had my wedding and lot of other big changes in my life, in fact I am still going through some of these changes.  With the impending deadline of my portfolio I reached out to my friend Adam to set something up.  With a test shoot in mind we unintentionally came up with a great looking story.

Before we get to the pretty pictures let me explain some etiquette on test shoots, that people may not be aware of.  A test shoot typically no one is paid for this. It is exactly what it sounds like, a test.  The group is testing to make sure everyone get's along, if they would want to continue to work together.  This group usually includes, photographer, model, stylist (in my case designer), Hair/makeup (same or separate people). Each person has their role in working together to have some great photos.  Per the test shoot open communication is a plus.  Everyone participating should get a chance to do or get something out of the photos that they wanted or needed.  I think a test shoot is harder because everyone needs to work together to give and receive where on a normal shoot there is one goal and it is usually the concept.  For me coming in as the "designer" I want good straight on photos of my work so that it is showcased rather then hair or makeup of the model or extreme lighting/set of the photo.  For me coming to a test shoot getting that great photo of the garment on the body is what I need.  For photographers I work with it has usually been to try out new formats or lighting, also meeting new models for future potential projects.  A lot of models come in needing new head shots or to get a look that isn't already in their look book, something more artistic.  Make up Artist and Hair of course want to show off their skills so usually head shots are good them as well to get the details of their craft.

Well that is my spiel on test shoots.  
Welcome to the pretty!
90% of the clothing are my garments
Photos by Adam Leigh-Manuell
Model is Leah Cultice
Hair and MUA is Lydia

Monday, December 19, 2011

Rock n Roll Bride

Hello!In the bustle of this holiday season I forgot to mention that I am a Rock N Roll Bride.  Last week our wedding hit the UK blog full force and it was a great little shine in the spotlight.  I put on a few of my favorite photos but you can see our post here.

Here are some candid ones from different guests and friends

Having fireworks going off at the baseball game behind us was the perfect ending to an incredible day.  Those are the kinds of magical things you just can't fake on a wedding day.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Tiny Works

 I don't know if it's because I am tiny that I have been working in super tiny and smaller in format pieces.  It's very opposite from college when I was the smallest person working on the most gargantuan of sculptures.  My first 3D piece as a freshman at SAIC was 8x4x6' it would of been entered into the freshman gallery show except that there was no way to transport it out of the room into the transport truck.

Currently I am working on a visual interpretation of neurons over periods of time.  The longer more spread out ones are when I am more at rest while the clusters involve a lot more thoughtfulness and productivity.  I'm about halfway done with it and it has been about 15 hours into it.  I can't wait to finish this and then pull out the colored holding stitches.  I plan to do this again depending how it turns out with a better log of the times and activities that were going on around me as I worked on this. 

I have come to a little bit of a sense of peace as the Grad application for OSU quickly approaches.  If I don't get in this year I'll try again next year and I will just continue to work on things as much as I can.  I'm also opening myself up to applying to SCAD in Savannah and seeing what will happen there.  Our lives are boundless so we shouldn't let ourselves be restricted by thoughts of can't but allow ourselves the possibilities and instead look for solutions to the things that we feel are holding us back.

I put a penny up against it for a perspective of how small this work really is.  I need to think about that in terms of photographing it for my portfolio.

You can see I have nearly made the halfway mark in the fabric.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Silly Writer's Block

I've developed some hardcore writer's block for my last paragraph on my letter of intent. I have tried several different exercises to get past this, such a bullet pointing the main themes of it and expanding on each of those individually, writing a defensive essay regarding some of my recent fine art work and last re-writing the lyrics to a song about why I want to be in Graduate school.  The last method I present to you for my full embarrassment and your pleasure.

The Song I chose was "I want to be a Billionaire"

These are my new Lyrics 

I wanna go to Graduate school so fucking bad.
show them all the talent that I have
I wanna be on the cover of the MFA book
promoting educational artwork

Oh, every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
Yeah, a different gallery every time
Oh I swear the world had better prepare
For when I'm in Graduate school

Yeah, I would do some 4D make it big like Bill Viola
Everyday make something and defend it in critiques
I'd never pull a Chihuly, treat everyone respectfully
Adopt a bunch of new talents that I never knew shit about

Give away some awesome lectures, Like how garment can be sculpture
and last but not least be able to teach college kids 
It's been a rough year but I think that I can do this
So you can start to call me Professor

Get it I'd probably hit some Italy
then Korea, to do some research for my artwork
Yeah, I'll make an impact, you won't forget me
Everywhere I'll promote my program like theme music

Oh, every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
Yeah, a different gallery every time
Oh I swear the world had better prepare
For when I'm in Graduate school

oh, oh oh oh  For when I'm at OSU
oh oh oh oh  for Graduate school

I'll be learning new technology, 
playing with the lasers
learning how to turn it up on my thesis
Toss a couple hundred hours in studio time 
working on soft sculpture to define it

And yah, I'll be at a whole new level
Not in limbo, but progressing
I'll take everything I learned and split it up into classes
so everyone can get a touch of education
And every student that got a taste would crave 
another examination
I know we all have a similar Dream
Pull out your sketchbooks/portfolios so you can follow after me

I wanna go to Graduate school so fucking bad.
show them all the talent that I have
I wanna be on the cover of the MFA book
promoting educational artwork

Oh, every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
Yeah, a different gallery every time
Oh I swear the world had better prepare
For when I'm in Graduate school

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Silence and Thoughtfulness

Sorry for the silence the past week or so.  Things have been less then pleasant at my day job and then I've been working hard on Christmas presents that I wish I could post here but I don't want to ruin the surprise.  Not to mention still working on portfolio pieces and my Grad School letter of intent.  I am doing my best to stick to my guns in one thing in my life which is to keep a positive position and not to get all fire and brimstone about ethics and the bad turn of fate I am having. 

In other news here are some small quip updates for you!
My husband and I enjoyed the "Grand Illumination" this past Friday.  It might not be as spectacular as some other cities but it's home.  I also got a chance to finally check out the wonderful OSU Urban Arts Space downtown. 

 All the elegant scroll work on this piece was well worth the trip just to view.  It also had this disco ball in the middle that was refracting the shadows like crazy. It was a good reminder of things I have to look forward to doing when I am in Grad school.

Lastly in this small update I am getting back into working on a photo shoot with my friend Adam Leigh-Manuell.  Trying to get some newer work photographed for the portfolio while also getting back into the groove of being the professional artist that lives deep inside of me.  These are some snapshots of one of the dresses that I am taking for the photo shoot.  This dress was made from remnants of another garment and I like what came of the scraps much better. She is a juxtapose between evening and casual, looking unfinished but polished at the same time. Using a sport wear knit fabric instead of a high end silk or wool.

If you have gotten this far I'll tell you a secret.
I don't feel fully comfortable being called a Fashion Designer.  I would prefer to be known as a soft sculpture artist.  I feel like my work really shines more when they are stand alone OOAK (One Of A Kind) pieces.  There is a certain connection that they all have and can be considered a collection but I never set out to follow this collection.  I think it only looks and feels like a collection because of the way I manipulate the fabrics, just like how you can tell if a painting is a Picasso no matter the subject matter that is how I feel about my work.  I make pieces that invoke a feeling of awe when looked at then curiosity when investigated.  I like to break the conventional rules for fashion and garment making ways to obscure shapes and lines.  Things that transform the body and vision of the body through a garment.  So that is how I really feel about my work.  It's nothing new just new to saying it out loud as I prepare to defend my soft sculpture in my Grad School application.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One Night Fiction

This year's One Night Fiction for the Ohio Art League was in a space at the back of the Library I work at.  Usually I can volunteer for this event one night of set up/decorating and then the night of the event I do ticket sales and other errands.  Since this year was so close to me I got to see the entire set up from start to finish.  I found it pretty amazing how they took such an obscure space and turned it into a great event.  I'll start at the beginning when they were taking in the art work before the space was touched and end with the Video of the Live Auction!

The wide empty space we call "The Cave" was selected for the Event and it is exactly that, large open and dark.  Which is perfect in terms of a gallery since it makes for some dramatic lighting on the artwork and  plenty of walking room without being crowded.

You enter a doorway then through a hallway that opens up into the space.

I am instantly reminded of a Monty Python Quote, "She has LARGE.... Tracks of Land!"

Hanging and Decoration Set up
This was during the initial placing and hanging of the art work

Some of my Favorite pieces

My pieces in the Event
Bubble Scraf Grand (eight feet long)
Tucked Leather -  Crystal Embellished Skirt

During the Event

In the end it looked fantastic and it was another great event.  A lot of successive auctions and happy patrons to the arts.  Having a live auctioneer was a great addition that I hope they continue to have.

The Live Auction of my skirt