Thursday, September 30, 2010

Link Love #1

Hello out there!
If anyone is still reading me.  I haven't stopped or given up just been ultra busy.  Some of you know I have a Delicious site and some of you don't.  It's not very complicated but it can be daunting to go through. 

I've decided to Break it down by new or just wonderful things I have that are ling to places and things that I love that you might be inspired by also.

First is Tokyomade!  It is this amazing site of japanese artists and their wares made available to the world.  It gives me a little pop of artist infushion from across the sea. 
I'm always in love with the Resin Jewelry, and their Amazing home Designs Items such as this book cover
My Next Discovery is this Clothing shop called Anarchy Street, Who I found through Song of Style (one of the blogger's I follow).   They have some amazing pieces for some incredibly cheap prices.  I was blown away that 90% of it is under $100.00  I'll be ordering from them for sure in the upcoming winter.
I'm in love with this Faux Shearling Jacket for only $79

And this Silk Blouse  for only $39

And for my Knitter's out there this very simple and great Tutorial on the Purl Bee on Mobius Scarves.  I know it's a simple concept and I always thought I knew what it was but this reconfirmed that I was Right.  It is just a simple purposely added twist in the scarf as you knit in the circular.  All those older ladies from the knitting stores trying to confuse me making it sound so much more complicated then it really is. 
So here you go!  Mobius Cowl Tutorial.....

Photo taken from Zakka Life

Friday, September 17, 2010

Independents day Pre-game

So tomorrow is Independents day!  Am I seriously ready to wake up and be there by 8 AM to start set up?  It's kind of a huge deal that I am in charge of keeping 32 vendors in order and timely.  I need to get my stuff out together and positioned ASAP and then just be there for everyone else.  Is this the kind of stuff being a mother will feel like?

You should all come out and visit me it's from noon till midnight downtown around Pearl and Gay Street.  Craft Alley will be open from noon till 10 pm and we have an AWESOME line up of Craft Vendors.  Lot's of representation from the Crafty Cotillion.

Today I finally caught up on my blog reading and it's fun to see what all the "Big Blogger's" have to say about fashion week and their grand experiances.  Little ol' me just worked my ass off at the gym and sewing a frenzy.  I feel so disconnected with what is going on fashion wise.  It used to be my dream to do a runway show and now I wonder where it went?  Now I am just super happy to make things, anything all the time. 

I also realized while going through the blogs I haven't taken any pictures of myself in the past few months with outfits.  I promise that will change.  I might even keep a little trip pod set up in my cubicle for this.

I did see ONE thing that makes me want to get intensely involved in making some jackets/coats at least something for myself this fall.

Images from atlantis home

Something about the construction of this jacket is divine and I really want to try my hand at leather ruffles.  I've done pintucks and pleating and even the mutton sleeves but this seems like so much fun and I do have some leather sitting around.

P.S.  for wedding stuffs I did try on dresses for the first time and you can hear my thoughts here!

Monday, September 13, 2010

As the World Turns

Whilst the rest of the world is obsessed with the going ons for NYC Fashion week I am patiently awaiting the publications to follow.  I find hardly any time to keep a firm grasp on what is in style and what is not.  Sadly I am most involved with the consumer ridden publication that is "Lucky"  I feel it is the ultimate trickle down with a pinch of straight off the runway fashions.

Aside from my patience in Fashion coverage I am working dilligently on new items for the coming fall craft shows and how I should set my display.  I am this odd wonder at the shows.  I am walking the line between crafty and fashion.  Trying to bridge the gap with accessories that are both unique and me yet useful.

My new thing that I LOVE to make is these pincushion rings inspired by coral and anemones.

I'm also doing these knitted cord necklaces which I had been wanting to do for myself for years but now I figured I would just do them for the craft shows as well.  I know there are some other people out there doing something similar from t-shirts and such but these are knitted and with embellishments such as my Kanzashi flowers, freshwater pearls and Swavorski crystals.

My Next upcoming event is this Saturday where I will be selling at Independents Day in Downtown Columbus.
It has been really interesting experiance for me as the Group I am with "The Crafty Cotillion" trusted me enough to spearhead the Organization of Craft Alley.  I feel awesome that they trust me to do it but also flustered because it is a lot of work.  I tried to delegate some things but then I ended up being able to figure it out or do a lot of it myself.  Definately and experiance and I think if I didn't have so many other things going on I would be happy to do it again.