Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One Night Fiction

This year's One Night Fiction for the Ohio Art League was in a space at the back of the Library I work at.  Usually I can volunteer for this event one night of set up/decorating and then the night of the event I do ticket sales and other errands.  Since this year was so close to me I got to see the entire set up from start to finish.  I found it pretty amazing how they took such an obscure space and turned it into a great event.  I'll start at the beginning when they were taking in the art work before the space was touched and end with the Video of the Live Auction!

The wide empty space we call "The Cave" was selected for the Event and it is exactly that, large open and dark.  Which is perfect in terms of a gallery since it makes for some dramatic lighting on the artwork and  plenty of walking room without being crowded.

You enter a doorway then through a hallway that opens up into the space.

I am instantly reminded of a Monty Python Quote, "She has LARGE.... Tracks of Land!"

Hanging and Decoration Set up
This was during the initial placing and hanging of the art work

Some of my Favorite pieces

My pieces in the Event
Bubble Scraf Grand (eight feet long)
Tucked Leather -  Crystal Embellished Skirt

During the Event

In the end it looked fantastic and it was another great event.  A lot of successive auctions and happy patrons to the arts.  Having a live auctioneer was a great addition that I hope they continue to have.

The Live Auction of my skirt

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Photo from Dr. Elena 

I have quite a few updates to make but I've been a bit flabbergasted by my fantastic meeting yesterday down at Ohio State University with the Department of Art Graduate Head.  In short all my questions were answered and I'm not behind or in a bad place at all with my application process.  They were very excited to meet me and it was good feelings all around.  I don't want to delve too deeply into it but I made a good impression and they are very supportive of me coming into their program.  The funny thing that I had been pondering, was where I fit in and oddly enough with where my work as an artist is heading I'm going to be more aligned with the ideas of the Art and Tech department rather then the Sculpture department.  Not that I will be giving up any of my  fiber and fashion but my approaches to them and new materials and methods make more sense in Art and Tech. 

In other news this weekend was Fantastic!  I sold both my pieces at the OAL One Night Fiction Event which includes the above eight foot long bubble scarf and my Tucked Leather skirt with Swarovski embellishments.  The Live auction was great!  I had never seen a live auction and to have one of my pieces selected was a real treat.  I got some footage of my piece but I have yet to load it.  hopefully tomorrow I can get her on there with some more details of the event.  I took pictures over the week to document the changes in the space and set up.  It is always interesting to me to see the transformation on spaces by other objects. 

From just these two things I am feeling very uplifted as more then just a fashion designer but as an artist where my heart truly lies.  A lot of people don't know this but I feel more comfortable calling myself a sculptor/artist then I do a fashion designer.  I love garments and I love the way they transform the body but not as much as I enjoy the response to those transformations and the ideas and feelings it sets into motion.  I feel like cloth, fiber and pattern were just the materials I have been working with and I am very happy to set out into a brave new world of technology and new materials.

Just from these two events I am feeling pretty worthwhile.  I've been so long outside of artistic conversations and critique I'd felt lost if what I was going was good work or forced art.  Most people at least in Undergrad hate Critique but I enjoy it if nothing else but for some validity on my work and input from an open standpoint.

There was so much more to this weekend but I haven't loaded the photos yet so I'll continue tomorrow!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Progress on all fronts

I've been working on a lot more fine art type sculpture pieces which could also be strangely argued as drawing.  After a nice chat with currently OSU MFA Grad Student Melissa Vogley Woods I learned that the term Drawing in the art word is being more loosely interpreted.  The meeting was funny because as soon as I saw her I realized I already knew her.  We'd been introduced to each other several times over the years and run in some of the same circles of friends.  Spontaneity was my friend yesterday in that I finally got a chance to talk to Melissa about the Grad Program at OSU as well as her helping me to stalk the head of the Graduate Department in order to get a appointment.  Granted I looked about the same as I felt yesterday but it was worth it to drag my sorry sick butt to the campus on a whim.  I can check of two of my three things that I needed to get done before I feel comfortable with this whole application process

Let's get back to the Art now.  I am currently working on a series that deals with the interpretations of Neurons in a tangible form.  I want to represent them using different "craft" methods  The above piece was made by tatting (a form of lace making) my own design.  The box is not perfect but for now I can live with it.  It's been a long time since I have worked exclusively in a sculpture type format with no apparel inclinations at all or body work.  I feel like I am coming back to it strongly, remembering all those tricks and tools of the non-cloth variety.  I'm enjoying the expansion of my pattern skills in things that do not involve garments. 
I am working on the framework for a second piece.  I started to use scrap fabric and then it was progressing so well I continued with the embroidery.  The fabric was at such an odd shape there was no satisfying way to put it onto a regular frame unless I lost some of the work.  So I traced it's shape and planned out how to make a frame of it's own.

I did the initial cut with the jigsaw then fine tuned the corners with a small handsaw for better precision.  Thankfully the blade did not break on me like I was used to in my metal working class. 

 Framed together nicely I just need to finish the sanding and nail them together.

This is the piece that I am working on the frame for.  You can see against the grid that it isn't very large at all.  I want to come up with some sort of dramatic lighting for it also that is inclusive but that is doubtful to happen right now.  I need to put in an order for Silver Conductive thread and some LED's and battery attachments.  Oh the fun I'll be having!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Confines of the Body & Mind

This wordy post is brought to you by my stomach.
It is really amazing how your physical body can confine your mind or vice versa.  There are a million in one things to psych yourself out about.   I think my sickness today is a combination of them both.  Not only is my stomach being extremely non-agreeable (to the point where I fear to go in public too far from the WC) but I am having nightmares and bouts of uncertainty for my upcoming Grad school application process.  I may seem to be cool on the exterior when I discuss this prospect with people but on the inside I am a giddy teen waiting for my first portfolio review with watery eyes ready to burst in disappointment.

In actuality I am not doing bad at all.  I have all paper work filled out I just need to send out for my transcripts.  I have 2 of my 3 recommendations nailed down.  I have made 3 new pieces to show in my portfolio of the non-garment sort.  I have huge support from a lot of friends all around town.  They all seem to think I am a no brainer to get in.

My hang ups however are what keep me up at night.  I have e.mailed several times with no response to make an appointment to see the facilities and talk about my concerns with the application process and most importantly what they expect from the portfolio.  My third potential recommendation has been very hard to nail down and I am at the point to being stalking him for a meeting.  I have had numerous failed attempts to meet up with another current Grad student to try and get the inside scoop on the program.  Finally my letter of intent that I felt I was finally finished with needs a whole new re-edit because after scouring through the website again I find I did not address some things that were required of the program.

I know I can do this but it is all still terrifying to me and I just needed to put that out there.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

100 Dresses Book Review

 I was pleasantly surprised by this book.  At first when I saw it on the almighty Amazon from suggested books I thought, "Oh man another useless coffee table book with just pretty pictures"  But then I noticed it was published by the Costume Insitute for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, then I knew there was something special there.  I instantly ordered it from my Library and was spellbound when I received it.  It is a small book for what you would think it's content being but just right.  Because it is small it can easily go about with you for instant inspiration and a touch of history.

 Each page has a small biography of the dress, it's time period and facts significant to the dress itself.  I love how it does not pour knowledge all over you in a scholarly boring manner but keeps it sweet and concise.  It gives you enough information for you to explore on your own or you can be satisfied with you tidbit of trivia knowledge.  The photos of the dress are also not all face on and they are all on mannequins so you get to see the best side of the dress which is not necessarily the front of her and there is not styling distractions from a  live model.

 They were extremely selective in this book and it is amazing that they were able to narrow it down to just 100 dresses in my opinion.  Whenever there was a dress that had an accompany photo or painting similar they would include that also. 

 Another fantastic thing from this book is that they took pictures that I cared about such as the detail shots of the embroidery, bead work or lace.  These are the kinds of things that get my heart pumping to see the details and how those are constructed because without all the frills a lot of these dresses would be less then impressive. 

The dresses that had photos accompanying them were some of my favorites.  It is completely different seeing the dress in it's time setting.  It just gives a different perspective and life to the dress seeing them so casual. 

This is a book that will move from my just reading pile to must own.  Even reading through it once I find there are more details to ponder over again and again. The historical facts have made me curious for sure and I have delved deeper into the history then I have in a long time.  All these things make it a must have for any fashion/garment enthusiast.  The holidays are coming you know ~wink~

Monday, November 14, 2011

Beard Team Ohio & Lady Jane

This weekend was filled once again with events, sickness and Highjinx.
Friday I went to an art show at Capital University and was pleasantly surprised to find that they have a really nice gallery with gorgeous collection.  It is called Schumacher Gallery and it is on the 4th floor of their library.  My friend Nicki was the highlighted as the postcard for the event and of course her work was present as well.  Unfortunately I was not in a high photo mood so the only picture I took were of these worm eaten looking close ups of this one sculpture.

After that we headed to What the Rock?! for their 5th anniversary of the store.  I got some amazing Edward Gorey Tarot cards and won a raffle! (Which I still need to pick up).

We drove around town and trying to kill sometime before my friends Show for My Kid Sister. This when we came up the name for my unmoving backseat passenger. Lady Jane.  Because I already have so many mannequins in the house I was told she was not allowed inside that house.  So Lady Jane sits in my back seat as a silent  companion until I can figure out what to do with her.   The night ended at Jury room sharing some fried Gnocchi and Meatballs.

Saturday However was an evening of volunteering for Beard Team Ohio for their event "Ohio's Second Charity Beard and Mustache Competition and Festival, "Beards of Science"" On the down side I wasn't feeling totally ship shape so once again not so many photos.  I was being the most lazy photographer ever.  I waved people down to come to me and I stood on my car instead of going out into the crowd.   It was appropriately held at COSI.

 Completely Packed Room

 A variation on facial hair and cultures

 Horseplaying around

 Lady Beards
 My Friend Jill With an American Chainmail Beard

 This was one of my Favorites

 After Looking at the pictures afterwards I noticed that this one Spelled Ohio in his beard!

This Lion Mask was my favorite thing at the event

After several hours of doing ticket sales and not enough food or proper food I wasn't feeling so hot.  So home I went to relax with some home cooked Korean food and Ponyo.
Sunday I laid low of the most part uber stressing on my letter of Intent for Grad school application and made some new colors of bubble scarves for the upcoming Crafty Supermarket!