Tuesday, July 28, 2009

None of that

Sorry today is an extremely boring unfulfilled post but I feel I must make one regardless.

I am prepping for my Lingerie Trunk Show at Undone which I am also going to be showing/selling some pieces that aren't lingerie but I feel more lounge worthy. Such as the above pants. They are simple knit pants that are german military inspired. I went through my current stock and the fabrics I have and I am in good shape. No need to buy any new fabric, I just need to get it together and make the new pieces. I've also nailed down one model for a look book photo shoot for the trunk show and will shoot again with Adam Leigh-Manuell. Now I need one more model and stylist. I might leave those up to Adam but we need to discuss this all a little more and I need to get a positive YES from the current model as well as contact information. I feel doing all communication through Model Mayhem is not very professional
seeing how so many of them have failed. My biggest project for this Lingerie trunk show is to produce some a new bralet top. I think I am going to be playful also because I found all this leftover gold, black and Turquoise Lame.

There was another photo shoot that was completed with Michelle Washington a Stylist and Stephanie Matthews was the Photographer and Riquina J. I'm eagerly awaiting the photos. Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to actually post them for awhile. I am learning all sorts of new stuff about the fashion world and fashion photography that I never would of thought important. Such as keeping photos that are being submitted for publication confident until after acceptance/rejection of the photo set. Like even if only one of the photos is being submitted none of them from that set should still be posted anywhere publicly. It's really a strange world that I am trying very hard not to step on anyone's toes.

Fashion photography is unlike any other art form in my opinion. First of all there are so many people involved. On this particular turn it was a Photographer, make up artist, wardrobe stylist, and model. You could add me in as the clothing designer but that all depends on the viewpoint. It's like a group project no matter who is responsible for what and since they are all artists it's like walking on eggshells because you don't want to offend anyone. Everyone has their own take an viewpoint and direction. You just hope everyone is on that same direction. It is also more a form of advertisement to get more jobs then it is art. Only the few lucky ones can do this as purely an "art" form and be able to make it their entire living. Not that people don't live off of it but there aren't many people that can make a living off of just Fashion photography shoots. Most make up artists also work a counter, weddings, touch ups for TV or commercial makeup to supplement with Fashion. Photographers same thing they have weddings, portraits, and other none fashion related work. They are lucky because I think they have a little more leeway for art because they can do nudes, or just artistic photos that aren't directly fashion related but still art related. If that makes sense. Stylists are pretty much all around stylists, they look for the clothes, concepts, trends and they clothe people whether it be for fashion or not. They make people look good and put together in general. I just make clothes both avant garde and commercial. Sometimes I get the opportunity to be my own stylist for shoots and every once in a while I do makeup as well. I am at a lose with hair and photography though.

I think I should just keep my mouth/fingers shut all the time. I feel like I am always offending people lately when I don't mean to be. It all just makes me so nervous. I apparently made a comment that I didn't think was bad in anyway but I felt like it was taken the wrong way. I really don't want to come off as some critic or anything. I'm really open to everything. I'm just happy to get good photos of my clothes and I feel everyone has their own take on the same pieces and it's just so much fun to see what different people do. I hope I apologized enough to get that across. I just don't know what more I can do lately. Not just with the photo shoot but all around in life right now I feel kind of helpless and like I am apologizing everywhere to everyone. It makes me want to be less and less social and just hide in my basement and sew till someone calls on me. A friend sent me photos of her work and I haven't even responded yet for fear of sounding critical.......... She does amazing work.

I think maybe because of all the classes lately since I have to critique the student work constantly I don't think I am doing anything wrong. I just have to constantly instill in them what makes good aesthetic designs and their level of work is far from professional. I'm not a perfectionist by far but I know what I like and don't like and what comes out appealing. I haven't seen anything from the outside that I outright do not like, I just don't know...... I am going to keep my mouth shut.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Like a cat!

This week I received my long awaited package from Untamed Menagerie on etsy!

It all feeds into my obsession with Alice in Wonderland in all ways. I look at the story not just for the story or the images but even just the text, the quotes, every single iota of that magical piece of literary work! Now that I have this and feel the workmanship is as good as they advertise I will definitely be ordering more from them. They have this other necklace listed
before that says "We're all Made here" I MUST have this! I'm also in love with their "A lady ought" and "Marine Antoinette" series.

Teaching has been very good. You can see what my students have been up to on my Flickr for CCAD. They really are doing a sterling job! I am quite impressed with all of their skills and dedication. I wish I had the sort of opportunity that these students are having when I was their age.

Since things have been postponed with the shoe fashion show I am free to be a part of another craft show this fall. I decided to enter into "Craftin Outlaws" a Friend assured me that I will get a spot but we shall see. I've learned never to take guesses or chances. It helps to keep down the hurt feelings when let down. I can now also focus all my attention on creating lingerie for the
Undone trunk Show at the end of August. I'm hoping for a good turn out and that I will be able to make a good buck on it. I'm so fortunate to have this opportunity even though lingerie is not my forte.

This weekend was all about relaxing. After class on Saturday I did some errands around the house, went to Qdobe with Andy and Home Depot to shop around for some miscellaneous items, then we went to his brother's to play Settler's of Catan and Finished off with FIDO at Studio 35 for a CU event. Where I got above Skull head toy. Today I woke up early went to checkout digital SLR cameras, the mall by myself to use up some free panty coupons and $15
coupon to Express. Was very good and tried on a lot of clothes but bought none of it. My only purchases from my wallet was a $5 sun hat from GAP which I have been looking for and a Bourbon Chicken Combo at the food court. I went to help my Dad out with some log-in issues
with his online banking and came home to play some Persona 3. Then topped the evening off with Ribs at the Rib fest downtown and a movie. We watched The Ugly Truth, incredibly funny for both males and females!

As for the SLR camera's I need to save up for it. It's not happening anytime soon. I have my eyes set on the Nikon d40 or the Sony A230. I've decided I can't take photos worth crap on my digital point and shoot. Too much automation just isn't working for me. When I took out my old Manuel SLR camera from high School it felt more comfortable and took better pictures with that once I got back on the horse then I have with anything digital for years!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

tick tock tick tock

CIMG0408, originally uploaded by tornangel012.

My little brain is in motion. I got a random e.mail today from a photographer in Milwaukee who is using a stylist from Chicago who wants to use some of my pieces in a week. I'm both flattered and worried. he got wind of me from another Make Up artist that I just recently did work with for the Adam Leigh-Manuell photo shoot. that MUA's name is Tom Venditelli.

Anyways I am worried because shipping it, the short time constraint and working on being professional. For something like this I need a contract. I also need a deposit because most likely it's my more expensive labor intensive one of a kind pieces they want to shoot. I do not like to use those unless it is a shoot I am actually on or with well trusted people in Columbus. It's always hard to judge what to price rental at, let alone a deposit, You want it to be affordable so people will use you but at the same time you have to cover your own ass for the worst case scenario.

Also today was crazy with the Students. Correction, 1 student. She just kind of disappeared and it was a bad bad thing. It wasn't that me and the TA weren't paying attention she was just sneaky and it was a bad time. Had me very worried but it was handled thankfully with no incident. Still made for a very stressful time.

Anyways onto my outfit. I am trying a different tripod Height and settings. Not to mention a little editor on flickr called Picnik.

Christian Dior butterfly drop earrings
Toki Doki I love LA Watch
Debutante ring from Henri Bendel in White stones
Gladiator grey jelly shoes from BCBG outlet for $9.00 just this past month
Navy peasant blouse from Express box sale for $10.00
Florescent green paneled bubble skirt made by me

Friday, July 24, 2009

Rainy Day

CIMG4102, originally uploaded by tornangel012.

This was from two days ago when it was raining and I had a very unpleasant day. I had left the sunroof to my precious Mini-Cooper open and it was raining all morning. I did not know this till minutes before I had to leave to go teach class at CCAD. It was Quite Miserable.

I actually didn't even wear these cute shoes. It was raining so badly I had my bright pink rain slicker on and galoshes.

I am wearing raglan puffed white button up shirt from Express
Bright Green Belt from BeBe
Shredded jeans by me
Steve Madden brown leather platforms from 2 years ago

Me and My best friend for the next several months. My wooden Swift to assist me in winding yarn. With the demand of all the yarn I am to knit this winter I had to invest and get myself something nicer then just using my knees or Andy's arms.

Along with that I made off like a bandit from dumpster diving at CCAD. With the Fashion department moving they were tossing a lot of really good yarn on cones. Such a waste so I did my best to save as much as I could before they picked up the dumpsters. It was raining and wet but soooo worth it!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Recovering from Dime a Dog

There is a a terrible thing in Columbus, Ohio called Dime a Dog night at the local baseball stadium. You can get up to 5 hot dogs at a time for only $.50. We try to go every year. Andy attempts to eat as many as he can. Last year Andy ate 12 hot dogs, this year only 9. Above is a photo of of the last hot dogs with a funnel cake french fry on top. Andy's brother Carey finished that one off.

Today I spent in a bit of pain recovering from all the salt. Also it was a slow day with the interns. I think we were all a bit out of sorts. We had some dire mistakes like cutting an entire pattern backwards with the exception of one piece.

Etsy has been kind to me this month and I have two orders already fulfilled making it a very worthwhile. People have been complaining about the slowness of business but that is how it is everywhere. In trying to save money I have been a little more inventive with my shipping such as using old card board to make new boxes and covering in brown paper to still keep it looking clean.

Finally this is one of the sweaters I have been working on for the photo shoot. A navy combination of drop stitches and bubble lace work in a boat neck shoulder. I am going to pair it with 3/4 length sleeves.

Tomorrow I will attempt to take a daily photo of myself.

Monday, July 20, 2009


This is a abstract top that I had done originally as a small project for myself out of some scraps and it was decent so I posted it on Etsy never intending to make a pattern or re-sale it as a multiple. Funny how things work out. Originally it was out of a creme polar fleece and meant to be just a vest to help keep my back warm in winter with maximum comfort and mobility while being layered.

Well it turned out several weeks ago I got an e.mail from a girl in Singapore who wanted this but had a million questions and demands and for something that started out as just a $20.00 trial piece turned into this huge project that left me much un-enjoyment. It was the first thing in a VERY long time that I took absolutely no pleasure in re-creating. It was for sure a test in patience and client relations no matter how little money I made of it. There was for no reason whatsoever why it should of taken 39+ e.mails to do such a simple custom order where all that was needed was a change of fabric. She continually asked the same questions and it was very hard to continue to be polite but I think I managed it well. I mean honestly she was trying to haggle the prices with me for something already super cheap and original in design. Also trying to get me to discount shipping even. People always seem to forget that shipping is not just the mailing but also what items are mailed inside. Boxes and Brown paper or bubble wrap do not grow on trees!

I feel the final product turned out better then expected and made a second just so I would hopefully never have to do this again. The pattern is made and fixed but for something that was once so fun for me it truly became a pain.

In other news the cat, Kilala has a new favorite place to sleep. Simply of course a wicker basket that we emptied out from all the fliers that we recycled this week. For the past couple days we haven't been able to use it as all as the silly creature has claimed monopoly on it.

Today I recieved a wonderful couple of packages from UPS, which Andy's mother so kindly brought inside the house for me while I was at class. So this is what it looks and feel like to be able to order all the yarns of my dreams! It was approximately $1200 worth of yarn and notions all to be used to make sweaters for the fashion show. I needed to get it very early so that I can begin knitting everything as soon as possible. I nearly have one Navy sweater done.

I made the order with one of my most favorite yarn stores online whom I had been ordering from since college so many many years.
Kaleidoscope yarns

From everywhere that I have searched aside from going whole sale I have found they carry the largest variety, speedy shipping and reasonable prices of anyone else I have looked at. I waited till they were having a free shipping day and also ordered some sale/discontinued yarns. The communication I had with Barb regarding such a large order was amazing.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

As promised

As Promised from yesterday here are some tester shot from the Cincinnati Photo Shoot with Adam Leigh-Manuell. It was a really good time but hot in the studio since he was using a fogger and couldn't have the air running or it would ruin the effect.

He used two models and then I was there with the wardrobe and my two interns as well. We also had this amazing makeup artist/hair stylists on set. It was a great time and made a lot of good connections. I can't wait to work together again.

Here is my outfit from yesterday.
None today because I was feeling under the weather most of the day.
- Helmut Lang white windbreaker with off center zipper
- BCBG wool knit jumpsuit
- Adidas Orginal white leather and suede yoga sneaker with dark purple stripes

Tomorrow I promise a new look of the day and some more in depth about what is going on like the crazy custom order from a girl in Singapore!


CIMG4000, originally uploaded by tornangel012.

Oh man....... this has been tough to try and blog everyday. I'm not sure I can get that accomplished but I am still trying. I have another 2 weeks to get into the full swing of this. I've been good about taking the daily photos just not about posting them. This little gem of a photo is of my cat Kilala. For those who don't know her she has quite the personality. She was whining for treats when I took this picture.

Following are some photos from my college Preview Class.

This last one is of my Teaching assistant and Intern Teresa trying on a dress we bought to deconstruct.

Finally this picture is from my outfit from two days ago.

Armani Exchange Army green button down shirt and sleeve buckle detail

Striped Harem pants made by me

Toki Doki "I love LA" watch

Zigi Soho Watch

Octopus and Bat necklace made by me with fresh water pearls

Tomorrow I promise some test shoots from the Cincinnati photo shoot and today's Outfit plus whatever I end up wearing tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just a little melancholy

For no good reason at all I miss Korea like crazy these days. I am still in touch with most of my friends that I made there during Yonsei-dae but that isn't what I miss. I miss the boutiques, the subways, their versions of malls, the midnight markets, the bad smells, the bargaining. I miss it all. I only have one person in Korea to actually visit which is my room mate from college but still I want to go so badly. I feel like I am missing something. It's so hard when I remember in High School I went so often to visit my Brother. Perhaps it is this High School program that I am teaching that is making me so nostalgic about everything. I definitely want to go with Hyemi sometime before I have a kid so that we can just enjoy it over there and have some fun before we become total Ajumahs. It's hard to also not have anyone to try and speak Korean with regularly. I guess somewhere I am still have some growing pains about being Korean- American. I feel that I need to get back in touch before I have kids of my own. I don't want my kids to be confused with who they are and aren't. It's such a weird thing to think about becoming the world to someone else, being all they look up to for everything. Not sure if I am totally ready for that commitment. Things will happen and I suppose when that time comes I will just have to step up to it and own it.

Enough of the deep thoughts.........
I'm farking tired out of my mind. Classes started today and my kids are WONDERFUL. I have a big challenge in front of me teaching them and setting the bar for this program elective in Fashion. I am doing new things no one has ever done before and I want to set that bar HIGH! They are more focused then my workshop was and some of them are already far better illustration drawers then I am! I will have some pics of them tomorrow.

Speaking of Tomorrow and why I am so tired I have a sudden Photo Shoot in Cincinnati with Adam Leigh-Manuel from Alias Photography. I know him through Model Mayhem and we've been going back and forth for a bit. Finally we will meet and get to work together. He is very good at correspondence so I have a great feeling about this.

I just need to go and lie down and pass out. I still have so much work to do in the morning.........

Sunday, July 12, 2009


CIMG3893, originally uploaded by tornangel012.

Today I was at CCAD attending the first orientation meeting for College Preview that I am teaching the elective for fashion fundamentals.

I am wearing my navy and white striped dress with oversized collar made by me
Bright Green Waist belt from BeBe on sale for $19.99
Michael Kors gold slide sandals with all wooden base and platform.
Toki Doki I LOVE LA watch (with some close up pictures)
Silver hoops from Express
Silver rose ring from "higher ground" at Comfest.

Sitting through that orientation was so fun. As boring and dumb as the information was it felt good because I was being a part of something big. I would be a mentor to some of these kids for the next month. It really took me back to my freshman year of SAIC. The dorm life all the friends and mishaps, classes, assignments. It was all so wonderful. The bad and the good it made it life and made a good 4 years of my life. I learned so much there and had so many great teachers. I hope that I can be a good example and inspire these kids to do something great at least help them to acheive their own goals be in the portfolio or even just realizing that perhaps fashion or even art school may not even be the right place for them.

As for the Photoshoots coming up........ I'm feeling pretty good I think that I will have enough pieces and I can relax a little bit. seeing that I am going to pull some old pieces just because I feel like I have been pushed too much to just accept their guidelines so this is my punch back. They are just going to have to accept whatever I send to them. With all that in mind I am starting a new sweater, maybe it will get done maybe it won't but it's not that important to me either way. I will get what I need to get done now and worry about the fashion show after the photo shoot. My main concern is the leather jacket I want for the shoot. Everything else seems to be on the back burner.

Yesterday seems so far away....

CIMG3879, originally uploaded by tornangel012.

This is definitely harder then I thought it would be to take and photo and post on it everyday. Maybe this month will just force me to get used to it. I still suck at taking photos though even with a tripod. I just don't know squat about digital photography. I was decent with my all manual but that isn't really compliant with today's technology and needs.

I just gotta work on it on my own and hopefully I can make it right. Ha ha I should work on my facial expressions also.

In this Photo I was wearing a uniqlo Limited edition T-shirt dress
Express stretch capri's that I had to alter 3"
toki Doki I LOVE LA watch
Gold Chinese Laundry T-strap sandals

The sewing has been productive and i have remembered how to do a zipper placket properly. I need to work on the pattern a little more as it is not as wide as I need it to be and I need the inner placket to be longer to cover the zipper entirely. Lot's of things to work on after the shoot like actually putting in pockets that are functional. I am still very unhappy with all the pressure for this shoot and how no one that is a part of it seems to understand my ideas and concepts or the fact that my designs aren't what they think they are.

I think that teaching this week is going to help clear my mind and make me remember what it is I want accomplish instead of barterinhg to other people. As an artist and designer I need to really take that stand for myself and not worry about what other people want or like. I need to be me and content with it.

a little later

CIMG3865, originally uploaded by tornangel012.

This is my outfit from Friday. Nothing too exciting.
Urban outfitter green twist dress from several years ago
Distressed Express jeans that I cut off 6"
Bare foot
Wearing my Bat and octopus necklace made by me.

I made that necklace in celebration for expelling a bat successfully from our new house during this past winter. I think it took Andy and I half an hour to chase the bat out.

I've been very out of it lately just constantly sewing and working on this collection that I am still not entirely happy with. I'm not doing it the way I would want to. It feels like a long drawn out school assignment. There is this jacket I am working on that has changed so much because the fabric was giving me so much more trouble in the finishing then I anticipated. I can't wait till this photo shoot deadline is done so I can start to work the way that I really want to. Draping and creating from scratch instead of just pattern drafting over and over again. Taking the time to actually finish and experiment with things like welt pockets and new collars. Making vests and ties, leather work and accessories.

This Jacket has since been finished the best that I could but I think that I will for sure re-make it before the show since I am so unhappy with the results.

Today I had many good conversations and meetings. The shoe designer came by to give me a company credit card and discuss some of the clothing. A little annoyed that he couldn't tell the different between my designs and my inspiration pictures and that I don't want to remake the designs in the photos. True that nothing is new in fashion but I still do not want to knock off of someone else's designs I want to make my own mark.

At least I know I am being pulled for two different photo shoots separately from the shoe photo shoot. One is the 14th this Tuesday and the other is the 25th. I'm just praying for publication on both of them so I can have some tear sheets to add to my portfolio and hopefully get some good exposure.

I am seriously thinking more and more about getting an investor of my own but I have no idea how to even go about that at all. It's so scary and confusing especially at ground zero like I am.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Proceeding onward

CIMG3842, originally uploaded by tornangel012.

Today was a good day of progress. Sorry again no photo of myself or what I was wearing but it really wasn't interesting whatsoever and nothing made by me either.

I finished the pattern for the checkered Cowl shirt dress. It turned out much better then I could of hoped for. So much still to be done though. I have bits and pieces of many of the looks for the photo shoot but only 1-2 complete looks and now I am eagerly waiting for fabrics to come in. Mostly I need to work on some shirts and get some pants fitted. I also need to start my work in leather. Lot's of finishing ahead of me also. Thank god for my interns Teresa and Emily. I am just barely going to get it all done and without them I had no hope of getting them done.

Full Frontal shot

Full Back shot

There are still a few things to be done on this such as the drawstring cord for the cowl, hemming, and attaching the buttons. I need to work on my knitting machine tomorrow while the interns are in. Also need to prep some handouts for class tomorrow on making a sleeve from scratch.

Kicking it to High Gear

No photos of outfits today. It was all work today. Above is a view of part of my workroom in the basement. A total mess of muslins and patternsm but very productive day. With my interns we got about 5 muslins done, a men's fitting for dress shirt and pants and started some full fabric pieces. Below is some chronicles of one of the pieces we worked on today.

Diagonal striped pants before cutting

After Cutting it was 12 pieces which converts to 24 pieces to be cut

Fabric choices were burgandy and burnt orange duponi silk

After the pants were sewn up
I have two weeks to complete the rest of the looks for the photoshoot in Miami. It really is go time for me to get this all done. I met with the shoe designer today and luckily we were able to order most of the fabrics that I need for the shoot. Also I found out what my expected budget is from him and I will be able to stay well under it which I think made him very happy. It also makes me feel much better knowing that I can order certain fabrics and not worry about the prices.

I feel I might need to take myself a little more seriously also and think about being more professional and find myself an actual investor. We shall see how that goes, I'll need some advice from close friends before I do it.