Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello monday!

Good Monday!  Usually I hate mondays but this is the start to a new week that is very exciting for me.  It's the start to the new semester for Continuing Education at Columbus College of Art and Design.  The first day is always so exciting because I have all new students to meet and projects to help them come up with and finish which in turn could be very inspiring to me.

Some people wonder if it get's boring teaching the same lesson semester after semester but I can honestly say that it isn't boring at all.  Since every class is a new group of people it's not like it's same thing over and over.  Seeing the Ah-ha moments on their faces as I do the demos and their approach to tackling the assignments are always different.  Sometimes there are the same questions but it's just a lesson in patience.  I have to tell myself even though I said this a thousand times over the years this could very well be the first time this person has ever heard the answer. 

Believe that teaching anything is also a lesson in patience for the instructor. 

This week I have a lot of blogging to catch up on!
We did some fun thing at Igloo Letterpress for my Wedding.
I did a quick jaunt to OHAYOCON.
Lastly I found that I have quite a few OTD's to catch up on bloggin as well

Cheers!  I hope you have a lovely and productive Monday!

Friday, January 28, 2011

OTD: Adventures in Camel

So this day I was trying to be a little adventerous with setting up a little bit and trying a different postion.  It wasn't utter fail but it wasn't particulary good either.  I know I should just stick to sewing but to be honest I haven't don't a lot of sewing lately except for that client with the Jumpsuit.  It probably has a large part to do with the dungeon being severely cold in the winter and when I layer sweats and hoodie all I want to do is lay in a comatose state on the couch or floor upstairs.

Sweater - Catherine Malandrino
Skinny Jeans - ReRock for Express
Boots - Miss Sixty for Victoria's Secret

In the non-outfit word I am working diligently on writing a crochet pattern and replacing a lost arm on a sweater for another Client.  She took the sweater below to the Dry Cleaner's and they lost the arm piece.  What a total annoyance eh?  At least this is a yarn I keep on hand almost always so making the new piece won't take that long.  Notice how these are things that I can do from the comfort and warmth of my couch. (oh the shame of laziness and avoidence of cold)

Model is April Camp with Wing's Model Management in Cincinnati
Photo by Chip Willis

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pen Obsession

I have this bad obsession with pens.  I used to collect them in every style and every color whenever I would visit Korea or in Japan during my layover on my way to and from Korea.  It started off innocent enough where I would buy a little box set of marbled or scented gel rollerball pens.

Photo from Jetpens

At this time I was also collecting Stickers and Stationary.  I think it was left over habits from before the days when everyone was connected and had e.mail.  I remember in middle school and even high school having a steady supply of these things and writing letters to friends.  That was justifiable back then.  Now it is simply an obsession with color, design and tactile feel.  It is extremely pleasing to me to hold a handful of the same pen in every color combination and look at it with my thoughts racing of the possibilities of things I could write or draw.  I have a personal journal that I keep outside of everything where I write in it with all different color pens and also keep scraps, memento's and such in it.  That barely justifies the amount of pens I have unfortunately.  I won a contest from my favorite pen store Jet Pens last year which was awesome but also slightly embarassing as it was directly related to my obsession with pens.

This Photo is what won me my gift card.

I have found a little bit more of justification for the pens, I need them to sketch! and to add color to my design work since I don't believe in full color just hints to get the feel of what it should be.  Some of the pens are also awesome for keeping track of which patterns go together by writing them in corresponding colors.  I have been good and not needed to get a matching mechanical pencil with every pen (that's something I used to do all the time).  Lately it's mostly pens and then I'll select a single glorious pencil or eraser once in a while.

My most recent Mechanical pencol was the Delful.
Which you see nestled here amongst my stock up of erasers (because they are no longer going to be able to import them).  This pen is unique due to it's weight and smooth feeling.  It is what is referred to as a "knock" pencil.  There is a weight on the inside so instead of pumping the clicker on top you simple shake the pencil to advance the lead.  This "knock" feature is my favorite while I am working on patterns because I can seamlessly keep working without being frustrated clicking the pen and moving my hand position.

But out of gluttony I just recieved these beauties in the mail. 

I am absolutely in love with the Frixxon markers and pens.  They have a unique ink that disappears with friction/heat and then will reappear in the cold (real cold like a freezer).  They are one of the few erasable pens that actually do erase with barely to no marks (depending how heavy your hand is on the paper with imprints).   I like to use them on my muslins since the ink also writes well on fabrics.  It's fun to watch it steam off but I still need to test if they are usable as replacement marking pens because if someone were to wear a garment in winter and all the notation show up again that would be unfortunate.  Or possibly really cool, like hypercolor t-shirts but not so cheesy.

Aren't they so pretty? ~droool~

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shoes to Take!

This is a completely random post for my friends show specifically have size 5.5-6 feet.  I am trying to do a big overhaul on shoes that I do and do not wear.  I found that I had been getting a lot of shoes that aren't quite my size but they were too damn cute to give up.  My foot is actually a size 5 but when your luck is down on finding your size you gotta fake it sometimes.

Luckily last year I made the vow to myself to only get shoes in my size and to spend the extra money on quality shoes that I am in love with rather then trying to fill this void of colors and styles.

Here are the shoes up for grabs

Steve Madden - Good condition size 5.5 velcro strap closure, easy to walk & run in (yes I said Run)

Patent black Pumps with open toe - Size says 5 but they fit like a 5.5 - Worn Once

Black leather Stillettos from Aldo size 5.5

Pink leather open toes - Worn Once size 6

If you want them let me know, the only thing I ask is to pay for shipping if I need to do that.

OTD : Out into the Snow!

These are some photos I took when we had our big snow storm a couple days ago.  It was so lovely and white.  But I have the worst taste in choosing backgrounds apparantly.  Black on a dark green evergreen, not the smartest Idea but thank goodness for my Picnik!  I find there is no excuse to not look good or fashionable just because it's cold outside.  It just means you need to get more interesting accessories or versatile pieces to miz and match more.

This Black coat is probably one of my biggest staples in my winter wardrobe.  I got it for trade when I did a bunch of knitwear pieces for Kelli Martin's fashion show after her return from project Runway, years ago.

Black Corset back Coat: Black Market (no longer open)
Mohawk Hunter Hat : My own design (Etsy) or locally at The Gangway
Black Mittens : Macys
Boots: North Face

Here you can see the corset type lacing in the back of the coat

There is just something so invigorating about being the first one to break into a patch of snow!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Myth of Socks and Heels

Photo from Song of Style

The Trend that I have seen gaining regular popularity is wearing socks especially knee highs with open toe heels. I say it is a Myth that they go together. First of all Knee high socks that stay up? If you have ever tried to wear Knee High socks and they stayed above your knees the entire day you are either
A. Freak of Nature
B. Have found some golden pair of knee highs and you must share the Brand with me.

Also trying to wear socks with an open toe heel is just not comfortable.  Open toe heels are made with a sole meant for slim tights (or as I say thin so that your feet can sweat and stick to them) or just barefoot.  Whenever I have worn socks with an open toe heel (which is not very often since it is uncomfortable) my feet keep sliding, slipping and pinching in new wrong and painful places.  It might look cute and pretty but there are problems walking as opposed to standing.

Both pictures are from Sea of Shoes

The top sandal looks super cute you can see ever so slightly how the slippage is leaving her some gap at the heel.  It is much more evident in this photo direcly above in her Mohawk Prada Shoes.  If you went to a store and tried on shoes and had that much of a gap in the heel you would say they don't fit and wouldn't buy them, correct? So why would you intentially want to make your shoe ill fit and uncomfortable?

The only decent Solution I can think of was well worn in this OTD from Camilla.  Suspender like contraption to keep the knee highs up.  It's on my list of things to make for myself.  Of course they might just be those clips that you find for kids so that they don't lose their gloves and they stay connected to their jacket sleeves.

Just to show you this Myth is true I have the perfect OTD to show you my personal experiment with it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

OTD 1.10.2011 - Greys and Neon Orange

Look at me!  In a matter of days My photos have already improved vastly!  I'm so happy because nothing is more embarassing then really terrible photo attempts on a blog.  People read blogs they want to see pretty new and interesting not blurry tired and tried to hard.

There are several awesome things in this photo which is why I had to pust this first.
1. My new Victorian Chaise from Mary Catherine's
2. My furry woodland cat Sir Benjamin Franklin
3. These poloroid type Prints from Clinton Reno (another Local Artist)

Now onto the outfit
Grey turtle neck Dress from American Apparel
Neon Orange Tunic Sweater from Urban Oufitters Sale
Neon Orange Tights- Express Sale
Grey Suede Fringe boots from Steve Madden (years ago)
Snide Smirk - my own creation

People sometimes find my hair fascinating, I like to find it out of my way.  When it is wet I simply put in a dolop of mouse and twist up the end, bump it forward a little bit and then clip it with a tiny claw

This is very minimal makeup.  Just some brow gel for shape, and liquid liner for a little cat eye swoop.
Lately I've been using the TokiDoki liquid Liner from Sephora

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sizing it down

One of my most recent projects was working on turning a 70's Jumpsuit into a dress cutting out excess fabric to also potentially make a bowtie and cumberband to match the outfit for my clients Husband and new born boy.

The biggest challenge was taking it from a size 8 to a size 2.  I ended up cutting out approx 3 inches from the side seams on both sides and hand baste the lining afterwards.

There was a lot of pressing and use of weights to keep this huge swathe of a dress behaved as I worked on it.  not to mention pins were in heavy use as this was on the bias for most of the dress.  Working on the pants to dress was not so bad, you just have to find where the crotch ends and straighten it out by removing the crotch curves into nothing at the inseam.  The trick is getting the eact same measurements on both sides.  Also a challenge with the bias hang of the fabric since it wants to stretch as you cut.

**A tip when working in bias, before cutting lay some low stick masking tape about half an inch from where you want to actually cut the fabric.  Also put that tape on the garment part of the fabric and not the excess.  This will help it to keep it's shape in between the cutting and sewing.

There is absolutely no reason to disillusion people about my work space, which also makes it easier for me so I never have to worry about "cleaning up" for a picture.  Yesteryday I saw someone else's new workspace for sewing that they were super excited about.  All I could think was give it 2-3 years and it will be like mine, give it 5 years and you'll have as many machines as I do also.  Hard to believe that I have been sewing for nearly 22 years, since I was 8 years old.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OTD: January 9th, 2011

 Just another Snowy Day in Ohio.
For this cold day I bundled up with:
Fox fur magenta Ear muffs - Filene's Basement
Black Turtle neck - Express
Black Moto Sweater - Express (last winter)
King Small Hobo Purse - Deux Lux from Moxsie
Drawstring Skirt made by Me with Ikea House Fabric
Black & White Fair-isle Knee high Socks - H&M
Black Moccasin fur booties - Steve Madden (several years ago)

 My favorite accessory is my Stitch cell phone plushie
When you Squeeze it's tummy he opens his mouth to clip onto things.  I got this from Strapya

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pretty Windows

The only big thing I envy about people living in NYC are the endless possiblities of different kinds of apartments and being up high with gorgeous large windows to let the light in.  I wish I had someplace with a gorgeous gran window for hanging up clothes for the next day leaving lovely silhouettes and shadows across a wooden floor.
Photo from Song of Style

I remember when I was in High School I saw a TV show that showed amazing apartments in NYC and one of them was Betsey Johnson's and I went gaga over it!  I promptly went out and bought rolls and rolls of holiday sparky wired ribbon in blues, greens, and golds and draped them across the ceiling in my room to give me that same decadent feeling.  But if you were taller then 5'6" you had to beware coming into my room or else you would be bumping into baubles of glass ornaments, and ribbon hanging down. I know I have a picture of it somewhere.  It was quite excessive for a High Schooler's room in the mid 90's and when the internet was not such a vast see of information and google. 

Photo is a scan from Gala Darling

Even now as an Adult I see myself picking up lacy slips that I will never wear myself but I just want to hang in front of somg window or use them strung together as a curtain.  Unfortunately my studio is in the basement with tiny Windows and I need all the light I can get, also boy demands that he not live in a princess palace of frilly lace and pastels.  Not that I am really the pastel and frilly type, more the deconstructed creams and greys with shots of bold blues and greens.

Speaking of my Dark Dank Studio here are the most recent pictures of the Hurricane of a dungeon that I sew in.  If you are surprised by this, I'm sorry but it is what it is and reality is often times not very pretty.
This is actually my new little drawing/painting station I set up in a separate section.

Here is a view of some shoes in their boxes stored to the right
 Clothes rack filled with my designs and patterns and garment bags in the middle
On the left is stuffed with fabrics and projects I need to deconstruct

This is my pattern table Covered in pieces of projects the need to be started/finished and patterns in use hanging from various pipes. 
I told you it was a Dark Hurricane Dungeon of a Studio

Lastly my row of Sewing machines.  Well...... Serger, Sewing Machine and Embroidery Machine.
Also stuffed underneath and behind piles of trims, thread racks and my collection of Gingher Scissors.
You might wonder how I can find anything but that table top is glass so I can see everything underneath and grab at it as needed.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

OTD January 4th, 2011

This is the other short set of bad Basement photos.  Also why do boyfriends enjoy failing to tell you when an outfit you are wearing makes you look boobalicious?  I had to retake this photo several times because it just looked weird and then I figured out what it was, OH it made my boobs look unusually huge.  Typically that is something Asian women do not have a problem with but with the "Chung Rage" in my family also comes the "Chung boobage".  At my cousin's wedding me and the other female cousins discussed the problem in depth, both the rage and the boobage.  Our Grandma left us with some very interesting genes.

Mock Turtle Neck - Express (back when Northland mall existed)
Babydoll shirt - Alternative Apparel (it was a STEAL on sale for $12.99)
Jeans - BDG from Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Minnetonka from Macys
Necklace - State of Ohio from Tiger Tree by Kris Nations

A closer look at the delicate necklace.

Close up of my shoes that I got for Christmas, super comfortable and warm.

From this set of photos I learned:
1. Detail shots are fun and enjoyable to look at
2. I should try to smile or do something instead of smirking in photos
3. Put some makeup on even if I didn't really wear it that day to at least make myself look awake
4. Check my hair before a photo

I should probably make a checklist and laminate it and keep it in my camera bag.
Speaking of camera bag that is one of my sewing projects I am working on.  Figuring out the pattern and how to keep my new lovely safe.  That my dears is yet another post...........

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Resolutions and Nonsense

I don't make all that many or try to do anything super exciting.
My only resolutions this year are:

1. To spend more time with my parent's, especially with my Dad since his health isn't so good
2. Take better care of my skin, not just my face but ALL my skin.  Let's face it I'm not getting any younger and it is my biggest organ.
3. Buy less crap. seriously. I have a bad habit of collecting things and this is not the year to do that or continue that.

So Far I have been pretty good about it.  Andy and I went to Las Vegas Recently and I barely bought a thing.  I got one tiny Hello Kitty Las Vegas Charm and a Lion from MGM Grand.  Otherwise I got souvenirs for my Niece and Nephew in the form of Fuzzy Dice.

For the skin I am trying to get back into the habit of using a face mask 1-2 times a week and washing my face every night before bed with moisturizer.  In the mornings I am either using a moisturizing body oil spray or slathering on some lotion.

For #1 I think I am doing a pretty good job seeing my parent's more.  It helps a ton that they moved back down closer to me and my brother's family.  I try to encourage my Dad to have lunch with me every week and do errands with my mom if we are in the same area.

My dad is sort of Hilarious.  I wish someone would make a comic strip about him because he really does say the darndest things.

This is him at Christmas, my middle brother Dave got him this hat for Christmas and it was pretty priceless.
His comments about the hat were:
"I look like a God Damn Communist"
"God Damn if I go out people will think I am North Korean"

My Dad kind of likes to say "God Damn" a lot