Monday, August 31, 2009

Outside the Castle

CIMG4512, originally uploaded by tornangel012.

With the passing events of this weekend I feel the need to change up my blog a bit. This will no longer be strictly a dedication to fashion.

It is moving forward a full focus on my Aesthetic as torn angel as my persona not just clothing and art and feel good things.

Torn Angel is a bit tormented actually by everything going on around her and thinking perhaps too deeply about life.

The photo above is from a Chicago exhibit at the Science and Industry Museum. It is the outside gate of the Fairytale castle by Coleen Moore. I felt it appropriate in several tones. First it was from my weekend in Chicago. Second i enjoyed this gorgeous gem by myself. Thirdly as beautiful as it was it was completely empty of life.

Even though I was at the museum with several people the time I enjoyed the most was by myself. Being alone to witness extraordinary things is much more meaningful to me. It is like a secret that you never tell but can always have the feeling with you as you remember. There is a certain awe and wonder looking at all the delicate treasures in museums and knowing they have survived the ages or been produced so painstakingly and lovingly by the artist. It is a hard thing for me to want to share that with anyone. There are some pieces that stir such a feeling that my eyes well up with emotion.

Some would say I am too sensitive but I think that sensitivity and compassion are muscles less flexed by most people. Which is a large part why I had such an ordeal this weekend.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Look Book

As Promised here it is

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jumping out of Summer

CIMG4346, originally uploaded by tornangel012.

This is a terrible picture of me wearing a jumpsuit my roommate from college got me in Korea. I apparently lost weight so this fits me much better then it did last year. It is just another bad picture.

The trunk show was slow last night. At least I had a lot of friends show up for awhile to keep me company. It was really good to at least see the support that I have. I sold two shirts so it was not a loss and I am going to keep my stuff in the store. I think that Gallery hop will do really well.

Tomorrow I will post the entire look book from the show.
Today is recovery and video games with movies in the evening.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Craftin Outlaws

I made it!
I was a bit hesitant since I didn't know my schedule or what was going on with the rest of my life but it's ok and I'm happy to have yet another opportunity to sell my wares. They were unsure about having me but I think they will see that I can hold my own and I will do alright. I only bring a clothes rack of things to show but what I really sell is my knitwear and scarves.

All the photos from the Lingerie Photo shoot came in today! As I type my photoshop is angrily uploading them all so I can see the full potential and do the cropping. It is so hard to decide what images to put into my look book because so many of them are amazing!

The blog is going to kill me!

CIMG4292, originally uploaded by tornangel012.

This is an outfit from the weekend. I made this skirt on a whim out of this old fabric from the 80's that reminded me of water colored flowers.
Shoes by Coach from DSW
Belt from Urban Outfitters that was back ordered for months from Deena & Ozzy
Blouse bought from the no longer existing Principessa in Grandview
Curiouser and Curiouser Necklace from Untamed Menagerie on Etsy

I wore this out to Pecha Kucha and the Yummy Exhibit which were both wonderful. I wish I had pictures to share of it.

I thought I would really be able to do this everyday thing but it seems not. Does NOT mean that I am going to give up at all. I am just not going to be what I had originally planned.

Maybe this will never be what I had in mind but nonetheless I will continue. I will still try to do something everyday even if it is just a little blurp.

Today I figured the perfect line to describe me. "I am a juggernaut at the sewing machine" and it is completely true. One I get on the machine it is very hard to stop myself from going on for hours. I might not even have a particular project but I will find one and make one.

I think I am actually prepared for my Trunk show this Friday! I finished sewing the last of the cover ups and tested my drawstring pants pattern and it worked out perfectly. I am not going to sew anymore though. I don't want to go overboard when I am not even sure how well my things will sell. At least I have that Fantastic Photo shoot with Adam to look forward to.

I am testing several things with yarn for my Halloween highball Collection and just some ideas I have. I want to get back into designs inspired by nature as opposed to ideas. I never did as well with Ideas as I do with nature.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm a little late.

daily in cincy, originally uploaded by tornangel012.

So this was my outfit from the Thursday photo shoot down in Cincy. It was for my lingerie trunk show coming up August 21st at Undone Shoe and Lingerie Boutique in the Short North.

I am wearing a yellow lace balconette bra from Victoria's Secret which you can see the straps here.
Tie-dye skirt worn as a dress from TJ Maxx for $20.00
Vintage Swan pendant necklace
White mossimo flip flops from Target $12.99

Here is a little peak of the Behind the scene shoot. Next week the real photos will be in!

My gracious photographer Adam Leigh-Manuell from Alias Imaging in Cincinnati

Tosha doing Makeup and Hair.

Tondi from "Her thought Bubble" modeling for me and Laura I.


For this post at least...............

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Joy of vintage

The strange thing about me is that I love old things, furniture, decorations, art but I have the worst time trying to do vintage clothes. I'll buy a few pieces here and there but I never end up wearing them. Above are pictures of some of the wood blocks that I see every year at the Ohio State Fair that I always want to buy but never do.
The only thing I can wear is Vintage Jewelry.

These are a couple pieces I picked up at the Ohio State Fair that I am totally in love with!

Tomorrow is a new photo shoot for my lingerie that I am presenting at the Trunk show. I am extremely unhappy with how my bralettes came out but it is a work in progress as always. I won't post anything today but I will next week as soon as I get them back from Adam. I am very excited to be working with models Tondi Collins and Laura Itzkowitz. This is a shoot I have been wanting to do for awhile.

I promise tomorrow I will take a long awaited outfit of the day.

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's in the bag

Just a little different today. Let me show you what I tote around in my ginormous bag. And yes I was wearing suspenders! I love suspenders as my new accessory.

This Lacoste Bag is probably the size of my entire torso. My Leather wallet from Substance in the Short North

My Monotone Panda choin Purse and the Only shark I have ever liked (I usually like to keep a small stuffed toy in my bag at all times). My Muiji aluminum planner with a little toki Doki style added. You can see my DSI peeking out from the corner.

My collection of DS games games and my Samsung Glyde phone.

Always prepared with a Tide to Go pen and a good looking pen from my friend in LA. A nice loooking pen is always impressive no matter what you are writing.

Finally my cards. It may seem a little excessive but I have my Moo cards making a mini pocket portfolio. My leather card case with my actual business cards and a plastic card case where I keep all my contact cards that are important. Just behind my owl is my digital camera case

This is how I travel

HNI_0067, originally uploaded by tornangel012.

Even with travel I try to be stylish. Even though this is a little bit of an older photo from my LA trip I think you get the point. It was a great trip for my first time out there. I got to see a lot of friends that I hadn't seen for years and it was wonderful.

My leopard rolling hard suitcase actually could expand and it only cost me $30 at a local TJ Maxx. I had originally gone in for a Betsy Johnson bag but this was a much better deal and cuter then anything else.
On top is my Toki Doki large computer bag (or at least that's what I use it for) Which I got at Filene's basement several months ago as a birthday present to myself for only $130 instead of the $250 full retail.
On the top of this fun tower is my best traveling companion, Caramel. He has been with me since high school and traveled to Korea several times with me. He makes for a stylish pillow and good comfort.

My next destination is to Chicago in a couple weeks. Just going to visit some friends, wander the Art Institute and get some Dim sum.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Getting Comfortable

CIMG4211, originally uploaded by tornangel012.

This was my last daily photo at CCAD for the summer.
I was wearing.....
Free People Creme shirt
Distress Express Jeans shortened about 6" by me
New Coach wooden platforms in Bronze with lacing hole through the platform heel. On sale at DSW $60

It's so strange and refreshing to have nothing to do again. Now that classes have ended I have time to actually hang out with people and make plans. Unfortunately my August has already been totally booked with events, going away parties, travel and meetings.

My trunk show date seems to be changing once again. It's a bit unnerving seeing as I have scheduled my entire sewing around it. If it is later then that's good but if it is sooner then I am screwed. This weekend is nothing but Sewing Bralettes or at least tonight is.

I am finding it much easier to blog everyday when I have a stock of things to do it on. I just take my pictures everyday and then slowly I can think and work on these posts. I would of liked to make it a real daily thing where I actually post what I wore on that day but for a bit at least this is what I must do. Whenever the tides turn for me and I can get my SLR camera I hope it will change. I did get as a little unknown present from my Uncle that recently moved back to Korea a new Epson All in One printer that I also needed.

Friday, August 07, 2009

In the works....

I have postponed my main launch for my project to be next week. This week has been a mess. Teaching, trying to arrange and photo shoot in Cincinnati and sewing under wear mostly non-stop. Below is an outfit that I wore to work this week. All Alice Inspired.

My Curiouser and Curiouser necklace from Untamed Menagerie on Etsy

A Large Silver Rose Ring from Comfest bought at one of the vendor Kiosk's

My new Earrings that I got for $15 from express

The Full outfit, White rabbit low V-neck from Urban Outfitters, Long pink gypsy skirt from TJ Maxx several years ago for $15,00

Lastly My Jelly gladiotor sandal from BCBG outlet for only $9.00

In other news I got a whole new stash of fun fabrics that I've already decided what they will be made into. I've started some cute new shorts from this awesome 70's sweatsuit material. I am also still waiting to hear about Craftin' Outlaws to see if I got in. I am also applying for this contest from Substance. Finally I am working on a Piece for the OAL's 100 exhibit. I am doing a knit wear piece that is going to be more Avant Garde.