Monday, August 30, 2010

NYC ain't the only garment District

It sure is not.  There are a multitude of other cities and countries even that have wonderous collections of fabrics, ribbons and notions. 

Most recently I was in Toronto (well actually it was months ago but most recent travel excursion).  On Queen's Street is a long section of fabric, yarn, notion and ribbon stores and it was just ever so inspiring and much different feel then the NYC garment District.  I felt not so cramped with looming sky scrapers and a cleaner feeling as I walked into each one.  It also helped that my American Dollar was worth a bit more while I was there.

I can't wait to go back and plunder my credit card!  The ribbon stores were incredible and immaculately organized.  For me coming from an area where we do not have such resources it is very important to make those few trips count.  But also thanks to the wonderful World Wide Web I'm still able to get top notch fabrics and notions from all over.  You can check out my Delicious list of Fabric and Notion Supplies here!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crochet going beyond

On Craft today I found these gorgeous art crochet vegtables.  I know the japanese have a certain handle on crafts to make them something more beautiful but this work is exquisite.
The big differences between craft and art are the refined details and color choices in my opinion.  Sure some people make these same veggies out of felt or even their own crocheted versions but what make these so unique is the super fine gauge and the attention to detail.  I love on the carrot how the root hairs are still there trailing off of it.  Also how much volume and lushness is added to the greens on the radish and carrot.  Usually when someone has done these vegtables they don't pay as much attention to detail as these have.  People also tend to focus on just the part that we as people eat normally and not to the excess greenage that you would feed to your rabbit.

The original website is here.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Late last week my knitting pattern with Lark Books was published!
You might of remembered when I submitted it nearly a year ago for their capes and cowls book submission.  It is an amazing feeling to have made a mark somewhere out in this great big world.  Even better is that I was one of the two featured designers whose pattern was posted on their website, Lark Crafts.

They dubbed my cowl Reckless.  Which I found to be a good fit.  It was a great experience having to write out my pattern when I've been traditionally a total free style knitter making things up as I go along or having my patterns memorized.  I hope that you enjoy it and I'd love to see pictures if anyone out there ends up making it. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

P.S. We're Engaged!

Yup About two weeks ago my lovely boyfriend Andrew and I got engaged!  You can read the whole story here at my wedding blog "To Muse on Wedding"  So that has been the biggest reason why the posts have slowed down.  Also because I am a bridesmaid for my cousin's wedding this Cotocber and the Maid of Honor for my best friend Hyemi's wedding.  My own Expected date isn't for another year so I relatively have a lot of time still.

Several things important about the wedding are that we are trying to make it as wasteless as possible.  Meaning nothing that is a stupid one time use or that can't be used to decorate our house with after the fact.  So no cute flowers whatsoever.  We can do planted orchids, air plants and succulents there is a mass array of other options.  Colors are Dark Brown, Gold and some shades of Green.  I'm looking for an art deco look with some cute under the sea representation; anemones, ocotopi, squids, coral etc etc.

The big endeavors sewing wise are going to be my reception dress and my wedding dress.  My fantastic friend Larissa from Wilde Hunt Corsetry is going to be working with me to make a corset for the day.  Which means no other corset apparatus underneath so I need to make or at least design my own dress.  So followers you will for sure be getting updates on that as it happens.

Enough of that more of the RING!  It is by Verragio and I love it!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In memory of my little demon Kilala

A couple weeks ago it was incredibly hard for me.  End of the College Preview Program, some drama at the school, The passing of my beloved Kilala, throwing my back out roller skating with my neice, and to end it 8 hours at the ER with my mom.

Suffice to say I needed Retail Therapy big time. Bad thing for me it was a major sale time for a alot of stores.  Not only did I shop Locally but I went online too and it is a mess and I am a mess but this is what I get.

Firstly there was my long time bead companion store Byzantium closing it's doors forever.  I do mean LONG time, I had been going to that store since I was in middle school so about 18 years.  They had a ridiculous sale and I bought probably in total about $1000 worth of Swavoroski beads for just a margin of that around maybe $300 in three different visits.  Not to mention to other assortments of beads that I got just because it was so darn cheap and colors were oh so pretty.

I will eventually post pictures of my spoils but right now here are some memories of my little baby gone.

silly kilala

knitting cat
Bath time
Picture 046

Monday, August 09, 2010

Education does not stop after School is over

Since my Knitting into Pattern class was cancelled I decided to take the time and take a class that I have been wanting to do since I was in college. 

Just a little background I used to be a sculpture/fashion major but fashion took over so my sculpture days died early my sophmore year of College.  I never lost the love of it and I wish I had taken more classes.  Now 7 years later I am.  One of the perks of being an instructor is that I can take classes for free as long as they do not conflict with what I teach and if they are to enrich myself as a teacher.

I took a figure drawing class to try and improve my drawing and fashion illustrations skills but failed miserably at that. Mostly due to me not going to class because I was severely overworked and over tired at the time.  I did learn some very important concepts from the class on drawing and proportions of the human body. 

Currently I am taking this FANTASTIC jewelry making class.  I love it lot's and we are learning a lot in the few classes that we have.  Optimistically the teacher thinks we can all make 3 items. 1 copper neckpiece, 1 bracelet either chainlink or forged and one ring.  I'm going for broke to make them all plus an extra Ring!