Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Lame........

As odd and boring as this sounds I prefer most of the times to stay in and sew rather then going out.  I mentioned this to a student of mine last week and she said that is surprisingly sad.  Is it bad to actually love my craft/medium that much?  I noticed that almost all of my facebook status when I am on a roll sewing are probably quite boring to everyone else.  I mean seriously who else would care about a 15 panel bias shift 1920's style dress that I made just for fun on a whim because I had nothing to wear to my friend's Theme Birthday party.    I think even my friends who are also into fashion/sewing/knitting don't get as excited as me about projects.  The weather was so gorgeous today and I spent it all happily coped up in the basement sewing and cutting fabric.

As for being not so lame, I got a vendor spot at AGORA on May 16th at Junctionview Studios!  I can't wait and of course I don't have hardly anything to sell that is summer/spring appropriate.  I also still need to finish my order for Undone.  I have about 4 more sets to make.

My birthday is also coming up fast.  I will be 28.  Not so old relatively speaking.  I mean my Grandma was 90 when she passed a couple weeks ago and my Grandfather was 99 when he passed over the winter holidays.  Sure I will never be the Korean pop sensation I always dreamed of, nor will I ever pursue my Pro Golf career,  I also may never get back to Ballet or Taekwando but I feel accomplished still and satisfied for where and what I am doing in my life at the moment.   The only thing that could be better is getting married and having a Fashion show of my own at this point.   Perhaps someday I will venture out and apply for one of those ridiculous Fashion Reality TV shows.  I wouldn't be like anything anyone has seen before.  I honestly don't know anyone else even close to being such a fashionable geek as me.   In fact I know very very few fashion people that I have even met who are into Anime and Comic Books and RPG's at all.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

In the Works

I know I don't update as much as I should.  unfortunately my life only seems to be exciting once a month?

I do have some very promising things going on.  I am making lingerie for a Local Lingerie and Shoe Boutique called "Undone".  It is super exciting for me because they will be the second person that has ever whole sale bought from me and the First who has whole sale bought from me that is actually clothing!   I am also going to do a trunks how there once I get more of my stuff together and organized.

I am also meeting with a potential connection to have my clothes in a commercial Photo shoot for some new shoe company and to possibly provide the clothes for their runway show in November.  There is the possibility of me being a Part of the next Agora which is very exciting to me.  

I am still searching for a Male Fit model that I can use that is dependable.  I really want to start to get into menswear again.  I think I may just have to give up and use the male mannequin body that I have.  

Also in CCAD news this summer will be QUITE busy for me!  I am also very excited to be teaching so much.  I will be doing two summer workshops and I think I am going to make it almost all challenge projects like "Project Runway" or just stuff I remember doing in College that made an impact on how I design and look at Fabrics.  In addition to the Work shops for high school students I will be doing the Advanced Pattern Drafting and Construction class for Continuing Education and College Preview for the High School students.   I will be so busy this summer and it will be AMAZING!!!

I just love to create, teach and collaborate!
Speaking of Collaborate I did a custom order on Etsy a while ago and the Artist always said he would name the ring after me if he kept making and selling them.  I thought he was just being polite and yanking my chain a little but he actually did!  The Esther Ring!