Sunday, December 27, 2009


If you haven't seen it yet it's a very interesting site.  Mostly made up of people all over the place and their daily outfit photos.  I joined several months ago but today was the first day I actually was trying to upload some photos and be a part of it.   Some other bloggers that I follow like Keiko Lynn and Style Rookie are on the ranks of Weardrobe so I thought I would give it a go.   It is a little exhausting to be double loading photos though.   I wish there was a direct Flickr link or something.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Finally got some time yesterday to do some outfit pictures.  Luckily at the new job there are HUGE mirrors for me to stand in front of.  Bad thing is they have super ugly curtains and with the curtains open lighting is terrible and there is way too much background mess.  Someday I will have my digital SLR snd set it up with my nice tripod ~sigh~

Express Cocoon Grey Shrug
Rodarte from Target navy lace shirt
White Limited Cami
Untamed Menagerie "We're all made here" Necklace
Toki Doki I love LA watch
White beaded Cuff present from my old Intern
Deena and Ozzy knot belt
Express cropped Black Leggings
Steve Madden White Probe Shoes

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Chores

So who else is already done with the Holidays before they happen?  I just feel like this year I have been running errands on every single free day I have had.  It's as little annoying as I just want to finish up The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess on the Wii.

We have some guests staying with us after Christmas till the New Year so we are trying to look like responsible adults in our house.  We have been cleaning for days.........  Finally it has put me in the mood to make my quilted hangings for the bathroom built in shelves.

I'm using this under the sea themed fabric to go with the rest of the Bathroom decor which is also sea creature themed.  It's called Mendocino from Heather Ross for Free Spirit and I picked up mine from no other place then Sew to Speak.  Here's the progress.

And my favorite two panels

I Hope that all of you got your last minute sewing projects done as well!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Rocking the Horse

I hate when Christmas lists escape me.   All the things I want I forget to put down in time.  Such as Rocking Horse Shoes.  In particular these Vivienne Westwood's.  I just saw them again on Style Bubble and coveted them instantly all over again.

Although I know most would say I am too old to think and dress like a Gothic Lolita deep down in my heart I still want to do it.  I like to use Ohayocon as my excuse to play dress up. Though I doubt I will have a full Lolita outfit I will still most likely portray my current Favorite Anime Character Nana Osaki from the NaNa manga.

I did find some decent imitation Vivienne Westwood Rocking horse Shoes on Ebay which I think I might Purchase this year for Ohayocon in January.

I'll make a larger blog about my love for Gothic Lolita Another day.  I still have TONS of things to do before Christmas and errands to run!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sew to Speak meets the Internets!

Super exciting!
Remember that little local fabric store I always rave about?

Well they are now ONLINE with a little store!   Of course it's not all their fabrics and notions but it's a good start and great taster for those who can't make the local commute.  My most favorite thing about them is their unique collection of fabric prints and import japanese fabrics and prints.

I think these Ladies have made so much progress and done such a fine job with their store.  I really can't gush enough about it.  Every time I go in I end up spending much more then I should and for projects I haven't even made up yet!

They are also on twitter
as am I

They carry various lines like Moda, Alexander Henry, Kokka, Momo and so much more!
Go check them out!  While I am fortunate enough to actually go into the store today!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rodarte for Target!

Why hello me late again on the train as usual because life happens and I can't seem to keep up with everyone else's exciting fashionable lives outside of C-bus!

Yes maybe you have heard RODARTE designed a line for Target's "Go International" That Debuts December 20th Nationwide.  GAH why does it have to be before the Holidays?!   I was skimming around and I want it all!  At least this is much better then that H&M Jimmy Choo debacle where it was only being sold in certain H&M stores and not online at all.  Just because you live in one of The Big cities does not automatically make you more fashionable and more worthy of such decadence.

I learned of this great collaboration from a wonderful young girl named Tavi from Style Rookie who is WAY far from a rookie.  She has more travel and fashion experiences under her tiny belt then I have had in my whole 28 something life.  ~fuming with jealousy~  You can read more here at Teen Vogue.

It is a 20 piece collection that I am DROOLING over.  If I could do my Christmas list all over again it would be THIS in every design.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Being in the mood

For sewing that is and creating.   Whenever I feel especially down and my craft books and runway fashion magazine aren't giving me enough of what I need, I look towards this particular website.

Just browsing all these fun little items that I know I could made or someone I know could make helps to push myself.  It is also funny how somethings can traverse from asia to the american mainstream.

Like this cute Monster Pouch.

Here is Antrhopologie's version

And these great Resin Pendants make me want to learn how to make my own!

Everything is so funky yet artistic and I love it.  This is the kind of stuff I want to make to sell in the summer/spring for art/craft shows.  First and foremost I want to be able to get my own pattern resolved for a barrel bag to sell based on woodland creatures.  That will be later on though.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rush for the Holidays

If you haven't noticed I have been working hard on updating my Etsy.   It's very hard time of year because after all those craft shows and events you just want to let your guard down and relax.  Unfortunately for me the colder months are my best selling months.
Finally I have finished all my updating on Etsy!  it only took me 3 days including taking photos, editing and posting of over 30 items.   Well worth it though.  Hopefully I will make some last minute sales before the holidays.

The process is longer then I would like but it's a one women show especially when I don't have time for interns when I am scrapping by myself.  I'm very happy with how it turned out and borrowing a Digital SLR made a HUGE difference in the quickness of the updates.  I had much less photo editing to do then I normally do and didn't even need to take a second batch of photos because everything looked brilliant the first time around.  It especially helped that I took my time to practice the week before getting accustomed to the camera's settings and playing with lighting.  Also helpful that my cat was a willing muse.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Daily outfit quickie!

This is an older outfit that was in August that I never got around to posting.

Just me working in my Studio ~cough dungeon cough~

Jelly Gladiators from BCBG
Red Silk Skirt from Express Circa 2005
Love graphic shirt from Express 2009
Large black triple buckle elastic belt from Target
Toki Doki I Love LA Watch
Black acrylic Bangle (present from mypenpal Steph B.)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Uniform Project

If you have never heard of this you need to catch up!
The Uniform Project is this incredibly creative team of ladies who are raising money for children in India to go to school.    This actually was one of the things I had seen floating around the internet that made me want to get back into Blogging myself and put myself out there.

In short, Sheena in the photos is destined to wear one type of dress for 365 days!  She has 6 of the same dress to change around and style but the dress MUST be worn.  I was fortunate enough to take part of this and donate both a monetary and clothing donation to the cause which will later be auctioned off as well to help raise more money!

In this outfit she is wearing a pair of my Striped Military pants and White Bubble Scarf

Also this month if you make a monetary donation Ebay will match it!!!  What better way to give for the less fortunate then double the donation?

Friday, December 04, 2009

Pondering Validity

After today I just once again have to ponder my worth as a designer out here in the midwest.  I find it so much more difficult then Chicago or NYC not at all because of competition but more the lack of.  At least when I lived in those other cities it was a struggle in the fashion competitions that was worthwhile.  Here in the OH it feels more and more like a crap shoot.  Of all the contests I've entered I feel there is less then half the people who actually design on the same level as me.  Perhaps all my work is just too Avant -garde for this town.

I feel like I do the best when I submit things for the Gallery shows then I do for anything else.  At least there I don't feel like I need to dumb down anything or worry about the resale is.  I do well at the Craft shows but that is a lot of trickle down from what I really love to do design wise.  Also my underwear does pretty decently at Undone but once again not my main forte'.

It seriously breaks my heart a little to think that my love of fashion is one-sided with the public here.  I'm not alternative, not goth, not trendy, what in the world am I?   Somedays I feel like giving up and retreating to nothing more then my "PINK" sweat pant suits and calling it a day for getting dress.  I've less and less reasons to bother with my makeup.  Lately I'm just happy to cover up blemishes as opposed to how I used to make sure my face was the purest matte porcelain looking mask with impeccable liquid eyeliner cat eyes.

In better news I hope that my new position as the Fashion Editor for the "The Artists Interview" Newspaper will help shape and open up the eyes for this town I call home.  There is a lot of good fashion here it just needs to be strained away from the OSU Buckeye Scarlet and Grey.   I have high hopes for turning this into an ultimate creative outlet for myself and reinventing some local lives.