Monday, October 31, 2011


This year Halloween fell on a Monday leaving the entire weekend open to costumed high jinx from all over.  It kept my weekend fully social.  Friday night was the Highball Halloween party which I normally would of boycotted but hubby really wanted to see the costumes.  I admit that going as just a spectator and not giving 2 cents about their ill promoted fashion show (which I can't even use the real title without wanting to vomit for misuse for vocabulary).    Anyways..... I had a very last minute costume.  I just wasn't feeling the vibe to get ultra creative or to embark on some huge project with everything else on my plate.  I settled for what I thought was simple cheap way out and I was a Facehugger Victim from Aliens.

 As the victim is in the movie

 This was probably the largest crowd I have seen at the event to date.  The line when I left was still a block long and that was before the festivities had really begun.

A lot of originals out there I found amusing such as these guys from Sesame Street.  

 Columbus Idea Foundry Representing

 Angry Bird and Ritchie and Margo Tenanbaum

From another party we went to which was Saturday Night I saw the coolest way to decorate apple cider/punch for a party.  They were apples carved to look like Faces with Cloves for the eyes!

  It very much reminds of that scene from Lord of the Rings where Frodo gets sucked into the Dead Marshes or the Inferius from Harry Potter and the Seaside Cave.

 The Log Lady from Twin Peaks and a Lumbar Jack
Very appropriate together

 Cheetara and Cleopartra

 The Doctor #11 & 10

And a super ghetto Sonic Screwdriver

I also went to Por Vida Saturday but that really needs it's own post to give people credit for their amazing artwork.  I had a lot of good friends put up some amazing things in the show.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Young and Professional -OOTD

This week I've been a little more inspired to dress up.  I think it has to do with the fact that I have been closet cleaning to switch out my summer to fall/winter clothes.  I dug up some treasures that I forgot I had. Such as corduroy blazers with elbow patches that once belonged to my brother's when they were in middleschool (yes I am that tiny).  This outfit it what I wore to this Young Professionals of Columbus Conference that I attended the social gathering.  Mostly I was there because my friend Claire wanted the company but the free eats were decent.  I also ran into two of my favorite people around town Kareem (Milk Bar) and Timothy Wolf Starr (The SBB) who were speakers and panelists for the event.

Grey Vintage Corduroy Jacket with suede elbow batches
Vintage Mink Collar
Banana Republic Dark Brown cap sleeve Mock turtle neck
H&M Paris long skirt
Gold Sam Edelman ballet flats.
Timepiece necklace from Spitalfields Market in London
Earrings from F21

This was just another look from this week that was kind of lonely and single in photo so I plopped her in here.  I wore this for the day I was supposed to have a meeting with some fellow fashion forward ladies Melanie McIntyre and Erika Dellatorre.
Anthropologie Sweater
Mossimo Tank Top from Target in Oatmeal
Rodarte for Targe Mustard Skirt
Missoni for Target slippers
DKNY fishnet tights
Anne Holman Perch Earrings from Blue Jade

This weekend is Halloween.  I'm going to do my best to be a Shutterbug around town and maybe even bring out a video camera.  My costume is going to be non-epic this year as I have been channeling all my energy into the grad school application and portfolio.  
Hope you all have a good and safe weekend!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Penpals and Packages

When I came home from our last wedding to attend to this year I found some packages!
I had jokingly agreed to be penpals with my friend's brother from what little I know of him, he is just as awesome as Beth is.  I wasn't really expecting much but it was very enjoyable and now I need to rack my brain with things to fill his package with (I'm really not trying to be dirty here just literal).

I opened it up to find an assortment of comic books.  He probably didn't know this but I spent about 6 years working at a comic books store part time in high school and college.  A lot of these titles I knew and some of them I had actually owned at one point, such as Ninja High School.

This is something I hadn't seen before and I look forward to reading it just from this little title.

I also got in my long waited Nfu-Oh No.51 nail polish that my friend Grace Dobush told me about.  I haven't even had a chance to try it yet but the bottle is so beautiful and the colors inside are like a mystic ball.  I'm working on getting this glittered Miss America OPI off of my nails so I can relish in this dark beauty for the halloween weekend.  I love how the bottle design is that of a women's corseted dress spread over both the bottle and the applicator top.  That kind of continuity in design makes me smile.

I haven't been sewing as much lately but more brainstorming still.  I've been having long discussions with friends regarding my Graduate school application as well as new portfolio work.  I mentioned before my current obsession with neurons.  I am finally putting some of those ideas into physical work and I'm happy with the direction I'm going.  This is a work in progress of silk natural thread embroidery on silk organza.  I'm feeling good about my direction lately and am very thankful for the awesome and supportive friends that I have cheering me on!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sick Wreck - OOTD

This outfit was a mistake.  I have no qualms posting it because I think it's natural to show a bad side also.  I basically thought when I woke up what do I feel like wearing?  What is clean? let's just pile it on.  It also exemplifies what bad decisions we can make while we are sick.  This was almost two weeks ago.  I am still sick.  I am going to my doctor today with hopes that it is not strep, but I have been so heavily medicated on nasal spray, mucinex and dayquil I'm not even sure what symptoms exist except for this cough, and gross nuclear looking waste coming from my nose.  Pleasant I know.

 I don't think I can even begin to describe what this man repelling mess is that I was wearing.

 At least my makeup wasn't a total mess

I am also determined to bring back high buns and scrunchies this winter albeit my previous TiLT . Let's hope this sickness can be resolved quickly before Halloween so I can enjoy the weekend.  Work at the day job has been an angst ridden situation lately.  Not the work itself but personalities, but thus is the truth isn't it?  Nothing can be perfect we just need to move along and keep out focus.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today is brought to you by randomness which was set on by this gloomy weather we are experiencing here in Columbus.  I have been begrudgingly working on non-sewing projects to get my 2D skills brushed up for working on my portfolio.  It is really painful to not be making something 3D with my hands.  I am still knitting but currently it's just for me and I love it! Tomorrow I will be journeying to our last wedding of the year to attend!  It'll be a long road trip to Upstate New York and probably won't even get a chance to admire anything around us.  We go where we will for friends because we love them and want to celebrate in all their important events.  I hope you all have a great weekend ahead.

Now's let's get down to Business!
1. PhotoBooths, who doesn't love them?  Spontaneous photos full of fun and great memories.  Totally unplanned me and the ladies from the Crafty Cotillion came to the event completely matching!

2. Scrunchies, yes I said it Scrunchies.  I like them, if they are more then just holding your hair up.  I have a plethora of ideas from some Japanese hair Accessory books and I plan to be rocking my long hair all winter in a bun adorned with colorful scrunchies.

3. Ballet Day Wear style - I have been very interested in wearing layers for winter like you see off practice ballerina's wearing when they are going to or from practice.  Leggings with flimsy skirts and multi layered crop tops over thermals sounds so comfy and fun to me.  It will also strengthen my want to wear my hair in a bun with Scrunchies all the time.  Not to mention legwarmers!

4. Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones.  I've read the book and then I watched the series.  I completely hated this girl but then through the series and the book you see her quickly grow up and start to plot deaths.  You gotta give the girl props.  The actress Sophie Turner who plays her in the series does a very convincing job of portraying the character.  From all the annoying whining and preening that she does to proper womanly behavior in the court and observing laws and rules. 

5.Neurons - Currently I am super fascinated with Neurons and their networking.  I love these microscopic interpretations of them like you see here.  This is my current inspiration for my portfolio pieces.  I'm interested in how to perceive the brain activity and synapses when an artist makes their art vs. when a patron looks at the art and their reactions. 

What are the top 5 things that you are loving this week?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OOTD - Wisconsin Wedding

Doing a little backtracking on my Brother's Wedding in Wisconsin.  It was back on October first and their colors were Creme, Orange and Grey.

Anthropologie creme cotton dress that has slate blue/grey geometric shapes
Navy Anthropologie Drape cardigan
Coach Black and Grey Flats
Peach silk flower hair clip from AGACI in Chicago
Swatch baby blue watch
Emerald and gold Necklace from my Mother as a Birthday present

The shoes and pattern design of the dress up close.  The shoes had these coach logo silk rosettes for decoration that I hadn't seen on any of their typical store items.  I think It was a runway item since I got them from Filene's Basement. 
Speaking of which for those readers living in Columbus the Filene's Basment on Sawmill road is closing it's doors this Sunday (boo).  You can read the Article here.

My Dad and Me
A somewhat rare picture of us together and dressed decently.  Usually when I see him one of us is wearing sweats and hanging out at the house sick or being a couch potato so we hardly have a good reason to dress up together.

All the Men together Dressed up.
From Left to right my oldest brother Ed, my Husband Andy, my Dad and my middle Brother David who was getting ready to marry.

My Mom and Dad waiting for their turn at pictures with the couple and family.  I love that my mom wore her Hanbok for all three of our weddings.  It just seemed appropriate.  It's so pretty also how could you not want to be in the swathes of that pale green organza with delicate flower embroideries.

My Nephew got to wear the male version Hanbok as the ring bearer.  You can see it was a quite stressful for him.

Lastly I just had to throw in this picture of me and Niece.  She's really growing up quickly and such a pretty little girl.  I'll have great fun with her when she's a teen and we can go shopping together.

I know when I go to Weddings I always pay special attention to what other people are wearing do you?  If not maybe it's something fun to think about next time you are at one.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Water colors and Weekend Re-cap

 This weekend was filled with crafty, relaxation and celebration!
I knitted the most intense purple I have ever met and selected some new colors to add into my hair clips for Craftin Outlaws.  Which as always was a huge success.  I was also a dope and failed to remember to take any pictures while I was walking around.  I did pick up some cute things which I will post possibly tomorrow.  Jessica Miller did get some fantastic photos of booths and their wares.  Below are mine but you can go HERE to see the full set

 I am too short for my own booth, this is me standing.

 Great picture of my Pincushion rings.

 As for celebration it was my Nieces 7th birthday that we celebrated a day early after Craftin Outlaws.  She had a full schedule Sunday so it was nice to have an intimate family dinner with the little one.  We of course ate Korean Good at one of our favorite places Kaya.  I Shared some Dol-sut Bibimbap with Andy and of course we grilled out own Galbi and some other meat I can't recall because I was too busy gobbling what was right in front of me.

Sunday I just took it easy.  Our house guest Grace Dobush left that day after we shared a wonderful brunch at Third and Hollywood around the corner from the house.  With the Husband out hiking with some friends I settled down for a very relaxing day of nail polish, knitting and crying my eyes out to silly Korean Dramas.  The particular one I picked up is called Secret Garden.  I am 4 episodes in and so far the only thing that is happening in a garden are some awkward social status fights and daydreaming.

I picked up this stunning blue nail polish after Grace put a bug in my ear of gorgeous colors and brands when we had intense nail polish discussions Friday night when she came in from Cincinnati
The Base color is OPI's Miss America Line "Swimsuit…Nailed It!" and the top sparkle Coat is OPI Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night". I spent the rest of the time after  my nails dried knitting on a personal project that has been on the back burner for years.  It is this cute lace cardigan out of a variegated aqua blue yarn in a lace pattern.

Finally we come to the end of my first week of  daily water colors and/or sketches.  I did pretty good doing mostly water colors this week and pushing myself.
The first one is of my Cat Sophie when she does her back wiggles on the carpet seeking love and belly rubs (I know a cat especially orange girl that likes belly rubs?  crazy eh?)

Trying some more wet brush techniques doing fish and failing horribly because of the wrong paper.

I was watching some episode of Star Trek the next generation when I did this one.  Not sure what I was going for here.  I guess just some doodling.  I worked a little bit on some blending techniques since I was on the proper paper now.

A fashion sketch of something that has been mulling in my head and some gradient work on the edges.

A light sketch that started out as wanting to be a dragon fly and slowly evolved into being a palm tree with coconuts.  I really enjoyed doing this and letting the colors meld together on their own instead of forcing them.

More random sketching.  I wanted to compose something small so why not some flowers?  I tried a few different techniques here.  Flowers have been on my mind a lot because I want to do a little embroidery stitch sampler for myself using flower motifs.

Last night I nearly forgot that I needed to do something.  I sketched my toy sitting on my stomach before I went to Bed.

Tonight I have a Crafty Ladies Night at my friend Claire's!  I think I will try making these Fabric Boxes I have been eying out of a Japanese Craft Book I have.