Friday, August 29, 2008

Fencers & Alice

I had forgotten I had photos of my Fencer Shirt & jacket from my old pattern.

So this is something to look forward to me putting into my Etsy shop in the near future.

I just bought some more fabric today but they were stripes. What I really need is some black denim and White Denim. I also need to adjust my sleeve pattern to make it more mutton shaped like my Previous Alice blouse.

Alice is another pattern I will need to remake probably without the intense Smocking....... or maybe with......
I'm not sure. It's a lot of work but it looks so fantastic. Maybe I will find another application that will be better suited for it.

The Pants are easy and I still have that pattern which no one ever see's the bottom but it comes to five points along all the pinstripe lines and seams.

I did just buy two sets of striped fabrics from "stitching post" because they are still having their fantastical sale on fabrics. I'm thinking of also some corset type vests. We'll see what I come up with over the long labor day weekend.

Everything else is sort of depressing so all I want to do is sew right now and knit.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Quick Update~!
Finished this week First Etsy Custom order!  I am beyond excited for this because it will 
be the first 
LARGE piece I have sold probably since I lived in Chicago.  I just hope I can get some good exposure for it.

To the left are the full scale pics of my striped Harem pants.  I'm super happy with how they turned out and now I have a great pattern for stretch fabric pants also!  

It was a bit tough to make sure all the stripes matched at the seams but well worth it!  If I had thought a little better they would of made an excellent Jump suit with boob tube top or halter but oh well.  Maybe I will make it still since there is still so much of this fabric left at the store.  I can think of a Million things to do with Stripes!

I did make this awesome Jumpsuit this week with a halter type top modeled after this vintage jumpsuit that I saw Gala Darling wearing in her NYC photos.

The Lakehouse Trip was awesome!  Lot's of good relaxing and I did get a lot of Crochet done.  Nothing I am willing to share this moment since I am still mid project.

Below is a flash photo of the Custom order I did.  You can see my bubbles really well in this photo.  I wish people could touch them though, they really are amazing little things to play with.  It's almost 
like having this HUGE bubble wrap skirt that is soft and never actually pops!

To Top it all off here is a picture of Kilala caught in a rare moment.......... Sleeping in his FISH!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Super Quick update!
TOTALLY scored! I got my first Custom order on Etsy and I got almost all of it done yesterday. I just need to add pockets and do some finishings.

I also made myself a pair of great harem pants with vertical stripes! I will get a better picture later when I set up the Tripod.

Met with Awesome new Friend Amy from "Sweet Stella Designs" We talked about my future in becoming a teacher and it looks promising. Happy though to meet another crafter and make a new friend even more!

Made 3 patterns and finalized 2. Need to make muslins for 2 more. Yes I know the #'s don't add up because I have to adjust one pattern for another muslin and then it will be finished hopefully.

Will be gone all weekend in VIRGINIA to a friend's Lake house where I hope to get TONS of knitting done so I can post some new creations next week on Etsy. I will miss the sewing machine but Swimming in a lake and cooking for 5 boys, making HUGE bonfires and fireworks will be worth it!

To the left is a gorgeous Bunny with EXTRA long floppy ears. He actually got up and posed for this picture at the Ohio State Fair.

Have a GREAT weekend Everyone!

Friday, August 08, 2008

I am terrible at sketching............ But I thought I would put something up that I was thinking of making. I was messaged twice this week inquiring on custom pieces. I have yet to hear back from either of them. I am trying really hard to not get overly excited. I will probably make one of the ones I have sketched here and post it at the price I quoted the one person. We shall see if it will incite them to get it or if it is the wrong size to go through with the Custom order.

I have been busy terrorizing everyone making bubbles. I have small callouses on my fingers from this. It will all be worth it just to make some sales and get something out in the world again. I get a lot of ohh and ahhh's still but that's all. I need to get it together and really get cranking on this collection. My deadline is now Before the end of October to present it to different boutiques in the area. Maybe even only 8 looks is too ambitious, but a lot of the things I have in mind just need to be reshaped from women's or men's into the opposing sex and sizes. As long as the first pattern is done and samples complete then I can grade to larger sizes later.

I put up another couple of knitted copper items on Etsy. Some rings that have always sold really well at the school art sales. They probably had the most traffic of anything else after I had just put it up the night before.

OH last night was terrible. To the left is what I should of looked like, completely passed out with Kilala in my arms but nope......... I had the creative jitters and just had to make more bubbles and work on clearing my space for this weekend to be able to pattern. I very nearly started to pattern the jacket I draped last week but stopped myself. 3AM is NO time to start a several hour draping and truing project.

This weekend nothing is stopping me from staying up all night to get at least ONE sample done which includes pattern and muslin. Maybe even time to alter a pattern from a previous collection into women's wear for this new one.

Yes, I sleep with many stuffed animals and somehow my boyfriend does still have room in the bed unless Kilala decides no one else can sleep in the bed (silly kitty).

Friday, August 01, 2008

Well I did an extremely small update today on Etsy. Just two items. I need to photograph at least 3 more things.

I also have a request on bubbles. Not a custom order but I think if I post something up It will get some attention at the the least. They wanted a Vest or Sleeveless top. I think I can easily handle that. Maybe it will be my weekend project instead of some of the other things I had in mind.

Maybe one day I will invest and get a sketchpad type mouse for my MAC and find a good program to use with it. Doodling on the computer seems more effective them in a sketch pad for me and then I could also easily load everything to Flickr also. I keep forgetting sketch books or leaving them places when I mean to have them with me.

I foresee very little sleep in my up coming weekend. At least I have a good couple of Movies waiting at home for me to keep me busy as I work on knitting and bubbles