Monday, September 24, 2012

The Little things

A few months ago Rivet Gallery had some pieces from Dalton Ghetti. It was amazing to see his precise and meticulous work in person. You see the pictures and the postcards but to get the real appreciate for how difficult this is you gotta see it in person.

These are my craptastic photos to try and capture how seriously tiny this all is.

The chain really is amazing more so then I think some of the others because there are so many tiny linking pieces. I'd really like to see how his work shop set up was to complete this piece. Amazing how he uses just a sewing needle and sharp triangular blade to work on these. I love that it is just for him. He doesn't sell a single piece or do this for money. He has purely been doing this for fun and his own meditation.

Friday, September 21, 2012


This year I barely survived the festival that is Independents day fully intact. For whatever reason this year it was much harder then the past years for me. I left feeling upset even for a few days. Not because anything failed but because I knew it was such a great event and I didn't get to enjoy it like I normally would at all. I wished there were two of me, one to run my parts and the other to enjoy and wander and take in all the great new things that happened this year. It was on all counts quite successful and I'm happy for that.

One of the good things that came out of Independents day for me was working on my tags and branding for future craft shows and just in general for my Fashion design. I'm always in love with using Moo mini cards as tags and they come out looking so great!

 In other news I have moved many more things into the Studio and it is starting to look like my space. Both knitting machines up makes me very happy as I can freely work on projects without worrying about kitties and tear down. I also brought in one of my sewing machines and  most of my painting supplies. I'd really love to get back into a little oil painting and mess around with gouche. I think gouche could be a great flat medium format for me in more controlled ways then water color has been.

 I'm still organizing but I'm happy with what I've got so far. I brought in my little vintage knitting needle collection to hang for decoration and a jewelry chicken wire frame  for when we have open studio to put some of my jewelry pieces on.

The addition that I am most excited about is the pegboard wall panels that my friend Adam put up for me and I painted what is call a Caribbean blue. It's most like a grey toned baby blue.

I've also been making time to work on a  new wound embroidery that I am very excited about. It was from when my friend Jen took a hard spill on her bike on the way to work. I think as I make them I am going to just give them the title of what the wound's cause was from. This will be Bike to Work and the previous one is Self Defense. Having a narrative title will be fun for the viewer or at least I hope it will be.

Friday, September 07, 2012

I'm not Dead yet!

Nope still here. Just uber busy with Independents day! Also branding myself a little more and working on my website and figuring the logistics of hosting and what I need to pay.

I am the Craft Alley essentially for the upcoming Independents day Columbus which means managing 40 arts/craft vendors, Interactive make and take tent and Crafty Death Match on the Stage from 6-7pm.  What that also means is hauling around tents, tables, materials for all said things which also includes a 6x4' plinko board, 2x2.5' table vending machine, lights, 6 chairs, 2 tents, 4-6 tables and all of my booth materials to vend as well. Then there is all the intense PR work I am doing to make sure EVERY single one of my vendors is being represented in a promotion and the vendors giving us Donations for the prizes are getting as much promotion on facebook and twitter as I can crank out. It is a ton of work. Next year I will demand an intern. Even with all this hard work I love this Festival. To me it really embodies and spirit of supporting local and upcoming artists all around our community.

Do me a solid and please follow @CraftAlleyCbus and retweet all my vendor promotions or just your favorites.

Also in more Independents Day news I will have two pieces up for Raffle with the Ohio Art League tent. They are some of my early works from my new study on wounds and human emotions. These are small works 3x3" and 4x4". Perfect for a little desk or office space art to remind you whatever hurts you will heal eventually.

I am unfortunately ill prepared as I am overflowing with knitwear and the weather looks to be about 80 degrees that day. I'll need to get my butt moving on some new skirts to sew, flower hair pins and my new lace tatted necklaces I've been itching to debut.

I have a very busy weekend ahead of me with much sewing and crafting.
I hope you have a great weekend and see you next week!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Light at the end of the tunnel? 
Is there a light? 
Do we make this tunnel up ourselves?

Sorry for the heavy thoughts but several conversations with different people over the last month have got my wheels turning on some issues in my life professionally and slightly personally.

I am currently putting a lot of caution to the wind with my ideas and I am not doubting myself but I am doubting what do I need to get what I want out of life right now. That to me means a balance and happiness. I want the freedom to do the things I love which are crafting and art, being a part of the community and contributing back. Am I doing that right now? The answer is yes, but it's not balanced. I am exhausted with little time to relax for myself or spend time with my husband. My day job fulfills it's need of paying my bills but once again it isn't balanced because I am incredibly unhappy with it. Then the questions come with no answers. Will I really be able to have more freedom with my own business when I start this yarn shop? All signs point to no. In terms of freedom lost it looks to me like traveling freedoms which I don't do a lot of as it is and perhaps some time at home. I will however be able to spend more time doing the things I love sewing, knitting, crafts and I could play my video games when I have my own downtime the perks of being the (boss and sole employee for awhile).

In other areas I am a bit exhausted of reaching for something that now seems unattainable because of other people making ill decisions and there is nothing I can do. I don't want to become completely jaded or disgruntled so I think I need to step away from this goal and be content with all the other amazing things that I am doing and have going for me. The biggest part of my reason for going back to school was interlinked with this goal so now I need to re-evaluate that as well.

Graduate school is still heavy on my thoughts but not in the same way it was before. I've been slowly working  my way into viewing myself in larger terms then just labels of Crafter and Fashion Designer. How to put into words my goals currently and how much they have changed in the last year since I have put aside one goal while forming another one not as clear but more profound to me.

I feel it is all a race right now to see what comes first. Yarn store, Grad School or starting a family (yes totally from left field).

Another difficult pill to swallow is that will I really be happy? All three of those choices means giving up a sense of luxury that I have had most of my life, whether it is apparent or not. The one thing my current job allows of me is knowing that I can feed my carnal bliss of clothing, accessories , books and supplies. How hard will it be to give that up? I've been diligently attempting an out of sight out of mind standpoint and only viewing what is current through the troves of pinterest and the monthly Lucky magazine I get (don't even ask why). I have somehow over the past year managed to only do majority of my "trend" shopping when I am traveling which has been good. I can not deny that I have a joy in consumerism.

I think all these points are what make up my tunnel right now and I'm not so sure there is a defined light at the end of this. I know I am not alone in this as I have talked to many friends and strangers over the month within my age range (early-mid 30's) who are just as perplexed as I am. People are no longer viewing jobs as their life long careers the way that our parents did. I think this whole analogy of light at the end of the tunnel for our hardships isn't quite right, there are too many variables and layers. We as a society have infinitely better and more opportunities now then ever. Which is also making it very confusing to decide which "tunnel" or "path" is the right one for you. Perhaps we have more ambition as a whole then past generations. It's hard for me to say definitively, but that is how I feel.

This all still leaves me shooting for three different courses of action and just getting over myself and as it were "treat yo self" attitude.

And now I will just pause and continue again after Indepdendents Day. Maybe some magical mystical light will shine on me as I gruel through the preparations of new attractions and setting up a new syllabus for my CCAD class.