Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm so Behind

So it has been awhile since I blogged....... I'm just very busy these days and very social.   I happen to be able to Blog today because I am sick and procrastinating on getting my materials together for class tonight.

I was in the Columbus Alive a couple weeks ago.  It was pretty fun.  The article can be seen here
It was fun and cute but I was not very excited for the photo even though everyone tells me it looks great.  I think I have some mental issue with my appearance that I need to work on.  Considering that I have lost 15 lbs in the past 5 months is incredible for not doing anything particularly athletic or aerobic.  

I am very excited that I am teaching a lot of classes this summer at CCAD.  Advanced pattern draft and construction.  College Preview and 2 Summer Workshops for high school students.  I will also continue next semester to teach my Beginning pattern Drafting and construction and take on the SMAC high school fashion classes.   In preparation for all this I need to collect some items, such as 9 heads book, better drawing skills, making some easier to read handouts.  Ok so mostly I just need the 9 heads book and everything else is stuff I need to work on as an individual.   I'm just praying and hoping that this summer will launch me into placement for a possible full time position come winter/spring.  

I did propose to the Fashion Department Chair Suzanne that I could teach some fiber art classes.  She was really enthusiastic about the idea so I am glad.  I was thinking of spinning, hand knit/crochet, shifu & saki-ori, loom work (floor or table), felting and needle felting.  Even some hand embroidery/smocking and machine embroidery.   I also picked up teaching the crochet portion of Ric Hurley's class.  I really can't wait to start that so they can get a taste of my experience and what I can offer to the school and not just the Fashion department.  I want it to be open to other students.  I know a lot of Sculpture students were in my fiber classes at SAIC so I would love to spread the knowledge.

Other things that are going on is that I've failed to post my line sheets in time so that sucks.  At least I have my options open with my accessories that Collier West is still very interested in.  I need to work on that underwear for LeAnn also at Undone.  More importantly I need to find the time to go in and talk to her.

Also in somewhat depressing news I heard that my friend Kelli Martin closed her store "Black Market"  because of the construction that has been going on locally for the past several months.  It's just bad timing and really unfortunate.  I hope all the best for her.  You can read the full article here

Well I best get back to work...........