Friday, November 30, 2012


Sorry friends and blog watchers. I have been seriously MIA on here because big HUGE changes have happened in my life.

1. Quit my day job
2. Took new day job
3. New job started the same week as the organizations biggest yearly fundraiser, a gallery opening and the following week when I needed to process and balance everything from fundraiser event and opening there was another Gallery closing.

Suffice to say life has been BUSY!

Let me start with saying I LOVE my new job. I love it so much and what it means to me that I took a pay cut to be where I am. Gallery Manager and Organizational Administrator for the Ohio Art League.
It is everything I was looking for in a job. Working in the community, working with other artists and organizing events and meeting new people to make opportunities for other artists and friends.
I learned from my years being a part of Independents day and this year amping up what I do with Craft Alley that this was the kind of work I really enjoyed. More importantly it was something that didn't kill my passion for my personal art as well. Instead it enhanced and inspired me more.

2012 has held a lot of pitfalls and disappointment for me in the professional area with my missed teaching opportunities, failure to get into an MFA program and financial woes. At the end of 2012 it is looking like a very bright and happy future for me.

My friend Erica who I can't thank enough for always believing in my fashion work and promoting me. She helped get me into the Dead Island 2: Riptide music video. It is my linen skirt and silver halter top that you can see at:

Marks 2:45, 3:08 and 3:15

Directed by Don Tyler
DP: Noel Maitland
Art director: Erica Stewart
Costume designer: Erica Stewart
Wardrobe stylist: Dagmarette Yen
Key makeup artist & hair design: Erica Stewart
Key hair stylist: Jessica Stadel

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