Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Crewel Tool kit

Currently I have been working a lot in crewel embroidery. Mostly french knots and bullion stitch to describe wounds in my fine art work. It is most definitely a labor of love because the work is so tiny yet so many hours go into each piece. I hope that it will translate well when I have my group exhibition in October at the Ohio Art League gallery.

Anyways it got me to looking at my tool kit and also a nudge from a friend about an embroidery toolkit contest going on in the UK. I thought why not. If she thought it was interesting enough to suggest I might as well share it.

&Stitches tool kit competition
So here it is:

In my kit starting at twelve O'clock going clockwise:
  • My appleton crewel threads hoop, which I made
  • Clover embroidery hoop stand
  • Embroidery pocket guide
  • Clover embroidery hoop
  • Thread heaven
  • Embroidery scissors
  • Thread snip ring by clover
  • Needle pull pads
  • Paper piecing hexagons
  • Thread
  • Seam rippers
  • Eraser, pencil, post it notes
  • Felted Wool ball pincushion
  • Magnet to catch stray pins
  • Clover embroidery needle threader
Below are a few more in detail shots of everything.

My little magnet pin holder inside the metal tin. It works pretty perfect while I am on the go because i know any loose pins inside the tin will find their way to the magnet so it's not an explosion of pain every time I open it.

My wonderful little collection of cutters.
The favorite is my green pen scissors. They are tiny and fit on my cell phone or in my pocket and have been tested to be airplane safe so far. the ends are a bit rounded which is why I think they have been approved so many times. I got these little wonders off of
So that covers what is in my embroidery kit!

It was also a nice exercise to get everything reorganized. There is a lot of organizing going on in my life right now with the move out of my studio and back home and prepping for summer and all the festivals and events at work. My biggest challenge is the balance between working on my fine art and working on my fashion for the summer show with the Alternative Fashion Mob.

I was very proud of myself for putting out some of my fine art watercolors at the last AGORA X this past weekend. All three pieces were sold to the same person and he really liked them. It was a sort of unbelievable moment for me because I've only ever sold fashion or craft work and never fine art work. I might of blurted out in his face an enthusiastic "REALLY?!"
Oh silly me and my tactfulness.

Sold bruise studies #1-3

Well I hope you all have a good week and I'll try to think of something fun for next week's post!


  1. The pen scissors are really neat. And the thread snip ring, I'd never seen either of those before. Do they work well?

    1. Yes they both do the job but I prefer the pen scissors. I use the thread snip ring on car rides when I don't want to chance taking out a pair of scissors :)