Friday, June 13, 2008

I've decided that I will make this blog exclusively about things that go along with my art/craft/creative endeavors and maybe put out a little more encouragement to sponsor local Columbus business' and crafts.

I went to this meeting/panel discussion at Wholly Craft this week. It was really good, very interesting and nice to see some of the faces of Columbus Craft. I don't think I can really label myself as a "craft" artist I'm not even sure my work would fit anywhere into a craft fair. Maybe my water colors. ahhh yes Water colors I need to work on those.......

Hmm not quite posted where I wanted but I'm still getting used to this. I've also just for kicks started to use "" I am once again and always "tornangel012"

Maybe some people wonder on the origin of this tag I have carried for nearly 16 years!
To begin it started with my love of Japanese Manga in particular this series called "Battle Angel Alita" If you ever get the time to read it you should! It is one of the most amazing stories out there about post apocalyptic cyborg life! The heroine is this small cyborg girl with a fully intact Human brain found in the scrapyard. A doctor originally from the city in the sky who now resides in the "Scrapyard" finds her and restores her and finds she has amnesia. She literally has to fight to remember her lost life/identity and the entire thing is poetic, bloody and raw. Besides being a completely awesome Manga I connected with her that she is short, Asian, feisty, her favorite # is 99 which is the year I graduated highschool, She plays the keyboard and I always played Piano, she writes poetry something I've always done also. She really overcomes all odds even with severed limbs! She always compares herself with Fallen Angels and I get it, it means something to me. A big theme is the struggle between what is right/good and what she is commanded to do or what her past tries to define her to be which she no longer is. Reborn from her Amnesia she is completely different person. This bring about the "torn" title I use, as the constant struggle always going on from small to large things in our lives. 012 is derived from Korean pager code because I'm korean (durrrr) and I've always been a little tech geek. 012 translates to "young one ee" which means "forever" THUS!!! "tornangel012" which I always like to spell out in lowercase because it seems more meek and polite.

Aiite Have a good weekend Everyone! I will hopefully be working on the knitting machine!

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