Monday, June 30, 2008

This weekend was pretty productive. I finished another knit copper and pearl piece that I need to photograph. I repaired a pair of underwear. I have been practicing both my hairpin lace knitting and using the button hole feature on my sewing machine. I am 1/4 done with a knitting machine project for myself. Many sketches for a suspender accessory I have been dreaming of and finally I got back into painting.

I started both a new acrylic painting and water color. Unfortunately I completely ruined my acrylic painting by somehow mixing up an oil color tube with it. I had thought all my oil colors were gone but unfortunately not the case and now the canvas is ruined ~sigh~ At least my water color is going much better. I need to keep looking for frames to fit my odd sized water colors. The larger size I picked up at Ikea doesn't fit at all.

I need to take things slowly though as I need to create a new pattern for the fencer jacket and I need to also create a new coat pattern for some brocade fabric I have been holding onto. I would ideally like to have a good collection of 6 patterns before the summer is over to present a small fall collection somewhere.

Oh yes I almost forgot! I started my sea anemone collection of crochet creations. I still haven't decided yet if I want to sell them or keep them for myself.
A friend commented recently that my collection is "big on texture".

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