Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'm not dead yet but nearly there!

I just wanted to post that I am still alive and gearing up for the Highball Friday!  I have 3 models out of 5 confirm and two backups.  Makeup by my friend's Sister Mindy Umbrell and Hair will be done by Phia Aveda Concept Salon.     Almost everything is done now except for the costume and any last minute changes I may need to make for which models go with which garments.  

Please come if you can it will be a FANTASTIC Show!!!!!!
Fashion show starts at 8:30pm on the street by Dr. Mojoe X who also happens 
to be MY SPONSOR!!!! ~woot~  (sorry I am excited)

I promise to have fantastic pictures to put up afterwards.  90% of what will be in the show will also be available to purchase at the Tiny Canary art/craft Show I am doing two weeks after that.

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