Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where has the time gone?!

Sorry I took a little Hiatus as I re-organized my life.
First I quit my job at the Family business.
Second I got a Instructor position filling in for pattern drafting/sewing class at CCAD
Third I got into Tiny Canary.

Between all that there is much much more like being in contract for our first house, drama on getting money for the Halloween Highball Sponsorship etc etc.

I am also taking a break from adding anything new on Etsy until after Tiny Canary.  Anything I will be doing for the Highball Fashion show I will have and be selling at Tiny Canary as well.  I will also be selling some items at Kelli Martin's Fashion show at the End of November.

I have been very busy and I'm sorry there are no photos but there will be soon....
Mostly I need to sew and get my butt into gear for this upcoming LONG month.

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