Sunday, July 11, 2010

Being a Bag Lady

As my summer is in full swing I find that I am in need of some new bags.  My current knitting/all purpose bag is a wreck.  While the whole of it is in good condition the straps are what seem to break on me consistently.  On my previous Jane Marvel Market Bag the straps broke off and I replaced them but that was a lot of more that I do not want to go through again.

BUT Once again CSN Stores has been gracious enough to provide another opportunity for me!  I skimmed over there bags and there were a TON of things for under $50 to choose from.  The hard thing is that there are over 200 mini stores associated with CSN so the potential is endless from dining room setsshoes to industrial storage lockers, it is very easy to get lost in the endless shopping possibilities.

I was good and stuck to the Bags and though not all of them are for the purpose of replacement I can't help but adore these bags and I'll tell you why for each one!
These bags have ample space, simple design and I'm loving the High Gloss look, which would also make it easy to wipe down.
This cute Striped number caught my attention with it's subtle pleats and matching striped handle.  It also has a reinforced base and construction is always crucial to me when shopping for a bag
The most Classic looking tote bag in my opinion.  You can never go wrong with such a classic style in a variety of colors.  It also nicely folds up to about the size of a wallet

This silly tote just caught my eye for the summer in it's eye popping pink with the oversized rosette attached to it.  It would be the most perfect swim/beach tote.  I like to have something with an open mesh that way all the wet thing can still get some air to dry and any sand can sift itself out.

My FAVORITE of the bags I have looked at so far.  I love the retro design and how the simple color contrast catches the eye.  I would collect and get every single version of Pam Am bags if I could.  There is a huge selection of different types throughout the CSN site.

Finally not as pretty but super practical for my needs are these wheeled totes.  I foresee a lot less back pain for me by having these at hand to cart around my school supplies and craft supplies.

I'm excited to see how my new bags hold up under pressure.  I'm going for the Pan Am shoulder bag in White and I think both the EZ crate cart and the Polka Dot shopper.

Which Bags would you get?  Or is there something else in their Bag section catching your eye?  Tell me about it I'd love to know!

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