Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chalk it up to Experience

I've had another loss in the competition realm.  I did not make the second round on the Hand and Lock Embroidery contest.  Do I feel bad?  NOPE.  Just add that to my bag of tricks that I can do.  From that Contest I went WAY out of my box.
- Made a neatly constructed tunic out of silk organza which is really difficult since it wants to move like Water as soon as you put the pattern down on it.
- I have a new pattern for english smocked mutton sleeve
- Brushed up on my beading abilities
- Brushed up on my fur cutting and hand sewing skills
- Learned to make cording from scratch
- Learned to hand sew cording and the historical differences between knots
- I have a new cropped vest pattern that fits very nicely
- Learned to dye fabrics using a combination of acid dyes and fiber reactive dyes
- Learned the do's and don'ts of dyeing yarn

I feel like not winning is never a negative thing.  There is always something learned in the process.  The trying itself is an exercise in self control and goal completion.  

Also now all the pressure is off so I can totally re-work the collar to something I will wear and also bead the hell out of that vest without worrying about my time restraints or what the contest guidelines are.  Thank goodness I left the top seam open!

Can't Quite remember where I got this from but I loved the Snippet! (I feel like I got this from Flamestitch)

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