Friday, August 17, 2012

Nerdy New York

One of the many interesting spots I visited while in NYC was Nintendo World. I don't usually make this a stop except that I wanted to make sure I got on the Nintendo WiFi to collect my extra street passes and get some Pokemon plushies for my niece and nephew as they are just old enough now to enjoy the wonders of playing pokemon on their Nintendo 3DS (yes this is sounding like total product placement, I won't be mad is NINTENDO picks this up and sends me fan service). Honestly I've never played Pokemon, what little I know of it is from the cartoons I might of watched intently here and there. What I do know is ZELDA!

It's tough when you are an interesting looking girl who is dressed nicely and into video games amid a store full of boys and their toys or mom waiting for the boys to finish playing games. I had of been approached by every worker in the store to ask me if I needed help and then start a conversation about what thing I was holding including my 3DS as I kept it open doing street pass and switching between games to gather weapons in Kid Icarus or Dark Notes in Theatrhythm. I was asked so many times to old the Master Shield from Zelda I finally gave in since they went out of their way to bring it to me. It was HEAVY, whomever made this was a skilled craftsman, the front was all hand painted and the dimensions are real for the woodwork on the tri-force and metal decoration.

This year marked the 25th anniversary for both The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy Series. Both of them have been strong in collector's items and the displays at Nintendo World were put together by many of the worker's from their personal collections. Seeing ye olde Nintendo Powers really takes me back to my NES days of up up down down left right left right select start.

The new displays at the store are really great. They were made my the employees who put their personal collections into the store. This was The Legend of Zelda's 25th anniversary so a special book came out in Japan which I also saw at KinoKuniya but it was about $70 bones. You can see it right here at Epona's feet. I totally also had that Legend of Zelda Nintendo Power from the late 80's.

Majora's Mask Link

Goron from Majora's Mask

Zelda four Swords links and signed golden Nintendo GBA system.
also little pixel pins made by a worker's girlfriends for the display.

Close up of the rad Epona and Link Statue.

Another great display depciting Kid Icarus and Metroid. Both classics that I loved and remember growing up playing.

I love the new Kid Icarus but the original will always have a soft spot in my heart. I used to play it so much I would get nightmares of the eggplant wizard chasing me down through a dungeon. The music was really great and quirky for the original as well.

They also re-vamped their console system display since I saw it two years ago. I would of gotten pictures of it but there was just too many people crowding around it. If you are a Nintendo fan of any capacity I would highly suggest making the trip to Nintendo world, if for nothing else the nostalgia. It's weird to think NES was my first console and my first love in gaming. The original gameboy I held onto until the Nintendo DS brick came out. I still have our NES and all the 47 games my brothers and I collected.

Are you a gamer? What was your first console/Game? What is classic to you?

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