Thursday, August 02, 2012

NYC -Bound!

I'm going to New York tomorrow! Just for a visit not moving there.
I go about once a year and usually it relates with seeing some sort of amazing art exhibit that I guilt my husband in one way or another to take me.

This year it is the Impossible Conversations with Prada and Schiaparelli at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I'm delighted that the museum is open till 9pm on Saturday night. I won't feel so rushed to get in there right away the way I did for Alexander McQueen or Tim Burton. I feel like this will be a much quieter exhibit and mature audience. I hope to take long appreciative time through this exhibit without being shoved and bustled. It also is not the last day of the exhibit like it was when I went to McQueen and that was a sheer madness.

Other things on my list include taking the hubby to High Line since the Statue of Liberty is under construction. I figured just going to Ellis Island won't be fun unless we can get into ye olde majestic lady for a peekaboo (yes I totally feel that last sentence maybe a little dirty and I'm ok with that).

The only place I feel a dire need to eat at is Kenka in St. Marks. Then several friends told me I must try Momofuku. K-town would be nice for some neng-myung and galbi and some China Town Dimsum is always a welcome meal.

As for shopping I have plans to hit up Uniqlo, Topshop, Muiji, Zara.
To feed my collections and craft I plan to hit up Purl Soho, Toy Tokyo and KinoKuniya.
People always ask if I will hit up any fabric stores. I answer is usually no, because I just wouldn't have the room and it would be unfair to friends and husband to wait hours for me as I waddle through the bliss of NYC fashion district. When I travel with the hubby I try to be very mindful to do things he would be interested in as well. At the least I can pick my shopping areas close to parks, a MAC store or other interesting visuals for him but Garment District is not so pretty unless you are digging the trims, fabric and tools.

I did get some pretties in the mail yesterday which will make my Purl Soho experience a lot less stressful! For one I can now make my swatch card and know what colors I need to pick so I don't do duplicates and also I've been waiting for this stuff for nearly a month. It was a bit of an ordeal but I have WUSHA'd my negative feelings away on this and am just happy to revel in the colors.

I may have told a friend earlier today that I wanted to "rub my face all over the pretty colors". 

To end this post how about a couple cuddly critters I saw over the weekend at the Ohio State Fair. They were both part of the amazing petting zoo that included Cavy's, Emu's, Baby Zebra, Baby Water buffalo, sheep, goats, alpaca, llama and a few more.

This little darling is a Highland Cow. I'd only seen them in Scotland before when my Mom and I were there year's ago for a Fashion Contest. This is just a babe so not nearly as shaggy as the parents. The full size ones reminded me of Bantha's from Star Wars!

Images from Alien Species Wiki

This Alpaca was my buddy, I spent a lot of time petting him (for lack of knowing the sex). He was like a pet whenever I stopped he would nudge my hand for more and when I scratched behind the ears you could see him close his eyes and just melt a little bit. I wish I could of brought him home for the fiber and as a boss new pet.

I hope you all have a great weekend where ever you are and whatever you do!  Make sure to have fun and stay positive! If you are in Columbus this weekend there are a few great things going on like Gallery hop in the Short North and the Summer Flea!


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