Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've decided to finally do something a little more creative. With the Start of the new Project Runway I feel invigorated to work on my own small fall/winter collection.

I will be doing 3 men's looks and 5 women's looks. I did some sketches and have the whole Men's line up figured out and I've stared the women's but I get a little stuck on the tops because I want to do knitwear but I don't want it to be super consuming that I can't reproduce it. I want it to be very ready to wear that if needed I can manufacture myself.

I practiced draping the other day and finished a full top, pattern and full muslin but I need to adjust the pattern and I think this weekend I will do fabric. It looks really good. Nothing overly complicated just something that I wanted to do for myself. If I like it enough I will make a winter version because I think it will translate very well.

The Skirt pictured is something I have been working with but need to finish the back bustle. I'm not even sure what it is for anymore. I started it for the Sex and the City Premiere which I ended up not even going to. I think I will finish it up and wear it to one of the local Gallery Hops. it still needs a lot of work on the shape at the bottom to trim and if I am going to finish it with the serger or not.

The basement finally got some of the clutter cleaned out so I could finally hang something as a backdrop. Now I just need to get my lighting set up and work with the tripod more to get the best shot for my small space, pictured to the left with me in it (not so flattering, I look like a retro pinup house mom with the laundry basket and ironing board ~haha~)

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  1. found you through the cbus underground forums. I'm loving your work!