Thursday, July 31, 2008

These are my Inspiration colors for my fall/winter collection.
Of course White will be included also but I leave that out because there is always white, It is the blank canvas of it all.

Currently I am trying to wrestle up all unfinished projects to post on Etsy and for myself to clear up the basement and get me prepared to work hard and Drape for hours in the next two weeks.

I have high goals for myself. I want to have the fencer jacket re-draped and graded in 2 sizes, Men's sweater pattern for the machine completed, Kimono pants for men's and women's. My current theme Idea is outfitting a blade welding warrior. But I'll have to see where the sketches take me for everything. It will definitely be a more urban feel not so draped pretty, but structured and ready for combat you could say. I need to start to think of a different group to gear towards if I want it to work in Columbus. Not a lot of people are interested in wearing high couture type garments.

Here is a sweater I finally finished for myself, I may make another for etsy, I'm not so sure yet as the yarn is very expensive. It's a felted angora/wool combo.

Somehow I spent my entire day off at my Knitting Machine and it was great! Got a lot done and started on the sample for the Men's sweater I have in mind for the Collection.

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