Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I am taking a slight break from knitting and patterns to delve into some needle felting for some expected upcoming craft show and holidays in general. I like to top my presents every year with something different and identifiable compared to all the "Hallmark" ribbons and cards.

Last year I made all my cards with Botticelli prints on them.
The year before I made my own tags and decorated each one.
This year felted sweet ornaments.

If you couldn't tell they are a strawberry halved, croissant, and Flan with a berry on top. Not bad for beginning but I can do better.

The Halloween Highball I am participating in will have models ~YAH~ provided and they have also added Terri Stevens from Project runway season 5 as well. This will be interesting. Not to be mean but I much prefer Kelli and her and I get a long really well. I might even be able to help her in her upcoming fashion show in November and do some knitwear for it. I prefer her style also. Even though mine is totally different at least we get and appreciate each other.

I did get my butt into gear this week and actually completed my jacket pattern and made myself and new pair of culottes. I also completed fair isle machine knitting two monkey scarves and have started the finishing on them. I truly hate finishing things from the machine. Blocking machine knitting items is a pain as well. Why do I even use the machine at all I wonder.... Oh that's right because it's FABULOUS! Fast knits in a jiff! making my own fabric to drape and wonder. Easy presents, shawls, fun fair isle that I never have to count rows and lose track. I can keep it all on the machine and not worry about anyone touching it because everyone fears the hundreds of sharp hooked needles! ~end rant~

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