Thursday, September 30, 2010

Link Love #1

Hello out there!
If anyone is still reading me.  I haven't stopped or given up just been ultra busy.  Some of you know I have a Delicious site and some of you don't.  It's not very complicated but it can be daunting to go through. 

I've decided to Break it down by new or just wonderful things I have that are ling to places and things that I love that you might be inspired by also.

First is Tokyomade!  It is this amazing site of japanese artists and their wares made available to the world.  It gives me a little pop of artist infushion from across the sea. 
I'm always in love with the Resin Jewelry, and their Amazing home Designs Items such as this book cover
My Next Discovery is this Clothing shop called Anarchy Street, Who I found through Song of Style (one of the blogger's I follow).   They have some amazing pieces for some incredibly cheap prices.  I was blown away that 90% of it is under $100.00  I'll be ordering from them for sure in the upcoming winter.
I'm in love with this Faux Shearling Jacket for only $79

And this Silk Blouse  for only $39

And for my Knitter's out there this very simple and great Tutorial on the Purl Bee on Mobius Scarves.  I know it's a simple concept and I always thought I knew what it was but this reconfirmed that I was Right.  It is just a simple purposely added twist in the scarf as you knit in the circular.  All those older ladies from the knitting stores trying to confuse me making it sound so much more complicated then it really is. 
So here you go!  Mobius Cowl Tutorial.....

Photo taken from Zakka Life

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