Friday, September 17, 2010

Independents day Pre-game

So tomorrow is Independents day!  Am I seriously ready to wake up and be there by 8 AM to start set up?  It's kind of a huge deal that I am in charge of keeping 32 vendors in order and timely.  I need to get my stuff out together and positioned ASAP and then just be there for everyone else.  Is this the kind of stuff being a mother will feel like?

You should all come out and visit me it's from noon till midnight downtown around Pearl and Gay Street.  Craft Alley will be open from noon till 10 pm and we have an AWESOME line up of Craft Vendors.  Lot's of representation from the Crafty Cotillion.

Today I finally caught up on my blog reading and it's fun to see what all the "Big Blogger's" have to say about fashion week and their grand experiances.  Little ol' me just worked my ass off at the gym and sewing a frenzy.  I feel so disconnected with what is going on fashion wise.  It used to be my dream to do a runway show and now I wonder where it went?  Now I am just super happy to make things, anything all the time. 

I also realized while going through the blogs I haven't taken any pictures of myself in the past few months with outfits.  I promise that will change.  I might even keep a little trip pod set up in my cubicle for this.

I did see ONE thing that makes me want to get intensely involved in making some jackets/coats at least something for myself this fall.

Images from atlantis home

Something about the construction of this jacket is divine and I really want to try my hand at leather ruffles.  I've done pintucks and pleating and even the mutton sleeves but this seems like so much fun and I do have some leather sitting around.

P.S.  for wedding stuffs I did try on dresses for the first time and you can hear my thoughts here!

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