Friday, August 01, 2008

Well I did an extremely small update today on Etsy. Just two items. I need to photograph at least 3 more things.

I also have a request on bubbles. Not a custom order but I think if I post something up It will get some attention at the the least. They wanted a Vest or Sleeveless top. I think I can easily handle that. Maybe it will be my weekend project instead of some of the other things I had in mind.

Maybe one day I will invest and get a sketchpad type mouse for my MAC and find a good program to use with it. Doodling on the computer seems more effective them in a sketch pad for me and then I could also easily load everything to Flickr also. I keep forgetting sketch books or leaving them places when I mean to have them with me.

I foresee very little sleep in my up coming weekend. At least I have a good couple of Movies waiting at home for me to keep me busy as I work on knitting and bubbles

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