Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm not hiding

Really I'm not!
I've just somehow gotten ridiculously busy in a good way.   I got a temp job at a Library and it is very strange to have a normal 8-5pm Monday-Friday J.O.B.   Firstly I have to wake up extremely early for me and then forcing myself to take a regular meal at the same time everyday is a new occurence also.   Even though it has nothing to do with fashion directly it has been a great positive influence on me.  Just having the quiet monotony of shelving books and processing them gives me time to really think and reflect on everything I have going on outside.  The biggest downside is that I have much less time to accomplish anything.  Also with CCAD Spring Semester started up again and my Kilala Meows class it is all very limited.  I wonder how it would affect my relationship with Andy if we didn't already live together.  I would probably never see him otherwise.  He has been a huge support for everything I am doing though, making sure I always have food at hand as I am running off or coming home late.

Working at the Library I have found some real Gems of books.

Also Recent I have become an active member in the Columbus Craft Cotillion!  They are a great bunch of crafty ladies that meet once a month to discuss the important art events and craft events going on around us and then sharing what we are all doing craft/art wise and personally which usually ends up in the gutter but it's all fun anyways.  Most recently we are going to be participating in A-Hole.  It is an artist made Mini- Golf event that different Craft and art groups around Columbus were asked to make a putt putt hole to represent them.  I jokingly said I could make a light up LED vagina when the ball got into the hole, now I really am going to have to make one ~ haha~.

There is another Art event I have been formulating my piece for called "Touchy Feely", which I am very excited for.  This will be the first event I have participated from leaving that terrible prom dress store that killed my passion to be creative.  I have this silk smocked dress with hairpin lace insets in my mind!   I have made some of the hairpin lace insets now it's just a matter of the design of the dress.  I know I want the back to be mostly hand smocked and I haven't decided on sleeves or sleeveless or what....... I also want to add in some gathering manipulations.  I also am not sure if I should use Gold silk or pale blue silk..... the hairpin lace is cream with glass beads.   I will take pictures and of course post my progress of everything per usual.

If you have never seen hairpin Lace here are some examples.

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