Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Touchy Feely

I was a terrible person and didn't take very many Progress Photos of my Touchy Feely Piece.
I know I was supposed to be doing the hairpin lace with the beaded Tilli Tomas Yarn but as I was draping with it and the Silk I just felt it was getting too matronly.  Not that there is anything wrong with Matronly but it just was not what I was going for. 

I decided also to go with the Royal blue silk instead of the Gold or Pale green because it just was more intense and grabs you.  It makes you want to touch it and feel it, I mean that IS the point of exhibit.

I had two yard of fabric so I just started at it with a hand needle and thread.  Originally I was going to to do a constast color and then it just looked hocky.  I thought just the color and shape should speak for itself.  It took a lot of patience and probably about 30 hours of time.
I wanted the front to be a bit of a different manipulation then the back so I was trying out circular gathering to mimic my bubble manipulated wools.  It kind of worked but not exactly as I had envisioned it to.  I could of stuffed the bubbles but that would of defeated the purpose of it being an empty space for people to squeeze.  I think I just miscalculated the effect the bias vs weft had as it was gathered.

Of course this is unfinished in the photos.  I was so rushed because I thought I would have another week to complete it but the deadline was closer then I thought.   I worked day and night for an entire weekend standing, sitting, kneeling around the form to finish it.  I completely forgot to take photos of the final piece.  Hopefully this weekend at the Show I can get some good images.
If you are in town you should come by Touchy Feely by the Couch Fire Collective at the OAL Gallery

Join us for a reception Saturday, February 27, 6pm - 10pm
Ohio Art League Gallery, 1552 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43206
in the South Campus Gateway

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