Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Truth: Journals and Blogs

As odd as it sounds blogging is not the only documentation of my life.  I also have a hand written journal.  I used to do a lot of my thoughts and personal things on my xanga and my livejournal but nothing at all beats the honesty that I write into my journal.  I write just rambling thoughts of whatever is going on in my life at the moment or true ranting that no one else needs to hear.  A resolution I had made when I started this Blog was that I would not rant and become enbittered in this.  I have been doing a good job of it.   I wonder how hard it is for other bloggers to be this way and also if they have another source, outlet just like I do.  Over the years I've learned in my own way that ranting can feel good and all but who really wants to hear that or see that repeatedly?

I don't do this Blog to make a particular profit even though it would be a nice eventuality.  I do it because I love to write and share with my friends and strangers out there my thoughts, my talents, what I have learned and to me it is a continual teaching, at least with my sewing exploits.  I would without a doubt love it if I could make this like Gala Darling and Style Bubble my main source of income and receive hand outs from designers but the reality is not that.  I know the statistics, of the millions of Blogs out there how am I different?  What do I have to offer? and Why would any high end designer send something out to Columbus, Ohio?  The epitome of Midwest where the main thing we are known for is testing products and advertisements for big box stores and chains.  Perhaps that will change with our reputation of the Indie Craft Scene Growing more and more prevalent.

Here are a couple photos of my real paper journal.  I always like to take inspiration images and decorate with crazy stickers.

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