Monday, February 15, 2010

Project RunDown and The Legend R.I.P.

I've been a bit behind on the entire Project Runway synopsis and frankly I don't care that much.  There is some interest in there but honestly no one has made me go WOW or AHHH yet.  So I have lost interest.  I still watch it every thursday night but also with the addition of Models of the Runway and the way they collide makes me want to fast forward through the majority of it.  I know they are trying hard to rev it up with these new incredible prizes such as the cover of Marie Claire with Heidi Klum but ehhhh....

The best contest so far I feel as been the burlap sack dresses, which some of them really pushed while others stayed very flat.  

This was my Favorite

And this was my least favorite, which I think really should of gotten the boot

Do I still want to audition?   You bet I do!  If nothing else for some national exposure and another notch on my belt of things to do before I die.  One of which was untimely snuffed out this week.  RIP Alexander McQueen, you were a living legend of everything I am working towards.  Fashion serenely compelled by art in a perfect marriage of presentation on the runway.

This was one of my more favorite shows for Lee Alexander McQueen

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