Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Book Review- Sustainable Fashion and Textiles

*please excuse the poor photos, my camera is kapoot*

This Book is quite remakrable reading.  Not just for fashion but for those of the greenier persuasion.  It is super informative while not boring and gives you cold hard facts that were surprisingly candid.  I think this is a must read for anyone interested in textiles as well.  It is a bit lengthy, in fact if I were a college fashion instructor I would probably make this a mandatory text book.  I think it really opens the eyes up to the industry as well as basic fabric knowledge.  It is of course on my Amazon wishlist.  Someday I will own it, but until then I've been borrowing it from the local Library.


Not only is is jam packed with information but it has some great graphics to keep your eyes fresh and examples of other fashion designers and how they use Sustainable Materials.

The biggest downside for this, is that even though it is a paperback it is still a $30 something book on Amazon.  For that price I have some other books on my list to collect such as some hardcover craft or knitting books.  Not that I don't want it but it can wait and I can still borrow it from the Library.

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