Friday, May 07, 2010

It never hurts to try

Honestly what's the worse that can happen?  Someone says no?  OH well move on!
Some of you know what I was up to earlier this week and some of you do not.

Just a little filler.  I was a semi-finalist for casting for a fashion design tv show and that's all I'll say.
It was an awesome experience and no I did not get on but I am not upset at all.  I am happy about it.  I did it, I went out and tried to do something and then I found out it wasn't what I really wanted for myself.  I will now never have that doubt or inkling in the back of my head.  I did exactly what I tell everyone else to do, I jumped into the deep end.  Also there was no way to prepare for what I did.  I think I did as best as I could with the information given to me.  With what I learned from this time I have no doubts that I could get onto the show if I decided to go for it again.  I won't be doing it again though.  It just isn't the right fit for me.  I was happy to meet someone on my bucket list and get a hug from them.  His Initials are TG.

Even better while I was away my donation to the Uniform Project got some major press thanks to an AOL article in the Stylelist.  On the bottom is a little album and I made #14 of 15 when you flip through it.
Off of that article I got about 4 inquiries on purchasing the pants.  I had only made one pair for the project and just today I put up an Etsy listing for 5 of the pants to be made to order.  So that was a pretty spectacular little present while I was away.

I'm also starting to get kids e.mailing me through my website asking if they can shadow me!  It's so cute.  I remember when I used to shadow in school.  I did Byzantium back when it was on King Ave and also a Goldsmith over on Lane Ave.  They were definitely influential into the things I do now and how I have an interest in the arts and sculpture.  I know it seems like we do nothing as adults in our art forms but kids look up to you.  I realized this like a truck hitting me as I started to teach for the SMAC (Saturday Morning Art Classes) at CCAD (Columbus College of Art and Design).  Those kids see me as some great wonder even though most days I feel a little like a nobody.  I always try to glam it up and behave as if I am as great as they think I am.  Nothing is worse then seeing the people you look up to in failed ruins.  You gotta give those kids something to strive for.

I feel extremely accomplished and I'm not even done yet!
This weekend I have the Handmade Nation Screening at Studio 35 with the Crafty Cotillion Trunk show.  I'll be selling some new items I have been working on. 

I also need to get my butt working on my Hand and Lock  submission.  I've dyed my yarns to make cording and made the pattern for the base of my outfit.  Now I need to finish the vest pattern and make the pants as well.  The sleeves are GINORMOUS!  That's what I get for wanting to smock everything.
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  1. Yay! You are my hero for being a semi-finalist!!! Soooooo awesome! But hey, you don't need that've got too much else going on. Congrats again!