Monday, May 10, 2010

It was a wonderful Weekend!

This weekend was quite lovely.  It was not only my birthday but a myriad of events and Mother's day!
I was actually born on Mother's day in 1981, what a gift that was eh?  My mom said it really wasn't bad.  I was her last child and thus she was well prepared for me.  I also was not a long labor.  Enough with the TMI though!  I'm sure you want to know what else happened.

Such as the CCAD Origins Fashion show.  It was very interesting this year.  A lot more ready to wear pieces with really good tailoring.  The jackets and pants the kids presented blew all the dresses out of the water.  I saw very little knitwear which was sad but not the fault of the kids.  If only CCAD offered some sort of fiber class.  I think knitwear not only because I'm enthralled with it but in general is a very important clothing essential.  It is one of the more historical methods of clothes to be produced the world over.  Functional, creative, artistic and natural.  Anyways back to the show!
Origins was based on different cities that the students chose to inspire their collections.  We had the old world represented in Milan and then the new modern Las Vegas.  It is hard to see a students intentions for the collection with only two pieces being presented.  Most of the time a third look is worn by the designer themselves during the final walk through.  Below are a few measly pictures I snapped and I dumped the rest onto my Flickr account.

Afterwards I headed back home to redress into something more warm.  On the way I stopped at my friends place to drop her off and to check out another friend's yard sale participation in the Grandview Heights open Yard/Garage sale day.  Picked up two lovely wooden shelves and this nice gentleman gave me Sex and the City Trivia Pursuit when he heard I was a fan!  How sweet is that?  I love to live in a small community.

Following that little jaunt was the "Handmade Nation" screening and Crafty Cotillion trunk Show.  I am always surprised by what people buy that I am not expecting.  I made all these new fabric flower pins and then it turned out all my Cat's Bane Yarn Guards were the things I sold the most of.  I don't think I made even $30 on this event but it was a fun way to spend my day.  Immediately after the show my oldest brother and his wife came late to greet me and check out the crafts.  We stayed and watched Iron Man 2.

After the Movie we headed to meet the rest of the Family for a Birthday Dinner.  My family pretty much all failed on the presents end and gave me Cash instead.  Which really isn't a bad thing since I am going to put that towards getting my DSLR camera, looks like it will be the Nikon3000 series.  I also wanted japanese food and we ended up at the usual Korean BBQ joint, Kaya.

To end my long day I met some friends and we hopped over to Dave and Buster's for some video game fun and old school games such as Squeeball and rifle shooting range.  Of course we had to win tickets and get some stupid pointless prizes such as a small wooden bat and giant Pixie Sticks.  Only to be followed by me playing Final Fantasy 13 FINALLY till about 2am at home alone with the cat.

Mother's day was an easy day almost like another birthday.  I woke up early and read my book "The Gathering Storm" in bed of several hours then lesuirely got dressed and headed up to meet my parent's and second brother for brunch at the Country Club.  Did some facebook stalking with my dad to see what our relatives in Canada were up to.  Then I came home and waited for Andy to return from TOSRV and played more Final Fantasy 13 and watched two movies "Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2" and "Zombie Strippers".  I know really random!

That was my weekend......... this week expect a little dye bath post and more in depth view of the Documentary "Handmade Nation"

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