Wednesday, June 09, 2010

All the Shorties

With summer pretty much here I've been on the hunt for some shorts that are not "short short" something a little more grown up and classy looking. The hunt has not been going so well suffice to say. At least not in my budget range. I was fortunate enough to pick up these sweet Seneca Rising Shorts (which you can find here) In a foam green color. I was lucky enough to get them also locally at Brigade in the Short North During their 40% off flash sale at the most recent Gallery Hop.

Aside from these I haven't found anything that I am dying to buy. For some reason shorts have gotten shorter. The ones I do have look silly with my oversized dolman shirts and long shark bite tanks because you can't see them and it looks like I am wearing nothing for the bottom. I've tried to go the bike short route via American Apparel but I can only do that so much without feeling like a broken record from the early 90's.

So as you can guess I'll be making some shorts for myself this summer. Hopefully I will have the time and strength to accomplish this between my classes so that I'll actually have things to wear. I'm taking a lot of inspiration from the descriptions of riding skirts in this book I have been reading "A New Spring" by Robert Jordan (yes let's all laugh at the fantasy fiction geek). Anyways here are some pictures I found that I am taking inspiration from.

All of these shorts were found at Shopbop

I love the drape in all of them and I've noticed that there isn't a lot of structure in the sewing as shorts normally have had.  Which is very good for the drape to get that nice flow to the fabric.  I also like that there is a lot of elastic for the waistbands to help with the gathering.  Also because I'm lazy and I get annoyed having to unbutton and unzip shorts since they are already much less fabric to work with.  Not to mention doing button holes in a drapey garment are a big pain and all that interfacing to calculate in is completely the opposite of easy breezy summer sewing.
Oh and I had this really weird blogger nightmare/dream about Sea of Shoes and her mother.  I was hired to be a Nanny for the weekend and just kind of hung out with them and went to do their errands like picking up food and helping picking accessories for their blog shoots and playing with the dogs.  No idea why.  I didn't even read her blog yesterday at all!

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