Tuesday, June 08, 2010

June Riots!

Sorry I have been behind on the blogging and especially on OTD's but as I mentioned before with lack of camera it has been painful.

Also I have been extremely busy with my teaching at CCAD.  Let me tell you when it rains it pours but in the good way for me.  I am teaching both the Beginning Pattern Drafting and Construction class as well as my newly approved Draping into Pattern and Fabric Manipulation Class.  Both of which are completely full with waiting lists once again.  It's no joke with the waiting lists either.  Today is the second night teaching and first night of the pattern class and I had someone drop this afternoon and a few hours later the spot was filled.  I am supposed to be maxed out at 15 students but I have 16 in each one!  It is madness in a most delightful way.  I even have the pleasure of using a TA which they don't usually allow for Continuing Education classes.  Even more Lucky for me it is my FAVORITE T.A. Tosha who has her own fabulous blog called The Pop Bang Fizz
On the down side I will not have a life for the next month as I work my 8-5 monday-friday and then immediately teach 6:20-9:45 monday-thursday.
Back on the bright side I was approved for two sewing machines for my classes exclusively!  I got them both from Westerville Sew N Save (whom I will do a little intro post later).  I got two Brother Innovis 80's.  Something about these electronic machines are easier for the high school students to understand and work with. 

I got new cards ordered from Moo.com again.  I had been dragging my feet on it and thankfully so since I was able to hold out for another photo shoot with the fantastic Mr. Chip Willis (NSFW).  I also have some reprints from Adam Leigh Manuell and one from my first shoot with Matthew Roharik

Since I can't get a lot of sewing accomplished while I focus on teaching I might be able to get my website updated finally after ummm.......... 7 years? ohhh that's been a while.

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