Monday, June 14, 2010

Things to learn

I feel like there are so many things out in the world that I want to learn still that don't even neccessariliy have to do with fashion at all or clothing.
I've been purusing my favorite Japanese book resource and it just inspires me to get in touch with the smaller crafts that I used to do such as beading and making little toys.  I found that I really like to do some paper art too but nothing to sell just for scrapbooking and cards for friends and family.  I feel like there are people that do a much better job at paper craft such as Poshta a local Columbus friend and member of the Craft Cotillion.  Aside from all that I still want to learn to do paper cutting!

These are from Famille Summerbelle

It is such a beautiful and delicate art.  I can do the origami but this is so vastly different.  It reminds me of a mixutre of pattern drafting and drawing.  On a whim this weekend I stopped into Utrecht and bought some random supplies.  Two small square canvas' maybe 8x8", paintbrush cleaner jar and a nice new razor blade by Olfa!   Olfa is an amazing company for cutting utensils.  I have a few of their rotary blades, rulers and self healing pads for my sewing/fashion supplies.

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