Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Burning the candle at both ends

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Wow this summer has barely started and already I feel it moving so quickly by me.  I thought I would handle all my classes, new job and outside work a little better but I'm not doing so hot.  I feel super strung out and particularly zombiesque.

Not that it is affecting the quality of what I teach.  It's just by the end of classes I have nothing left for myself, boyfriend or Kilala the cat.  Yesterday was supposed to be my "free" day, which was spent slaving away in the basement catching up on sewing for clients, prepping patterns for CE classes and organizing my lists for this coming week of High School Fashion workshop.  I thought I would veg out with Buffy do a little crafting for the 4th of July but nope after all that stuff I was hooked onto my computer prepping my submission for the Hand and Lock and not to mention Updating my Model Mayhem while I was at it which I couldn't even finish the credits which will have to be another night since I replaced nearly half the photos.

Anyways next summer I probably will not be doing the Highschool workshop since It would take away my vacation days.  Instead I will just do College Preview and my normal CE classes hopefully not clumped together into one month.

So here are the Final photos that I am about to Submit for that "Hand and Lock" Competition.

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  1. i like your designs it is awesome. i am also a student of a designing institute. i think i can learn lots of from u.