Monday, August 08, 2011

Re-Cap Before NYC

I went to NYC this past weekend as my sort of Bachelorette Party Extravaganza.  I have the most bestest Bestie in the World.  She really treated me over the top with flying me out there and getting our hotel in SoHo (cough Chinatown Lafayette street cough) but it was still close enough for us to do everything and convenient.  I just got back last night at 8pm so I am still recovering.  She got me that blinged out Tiara to wear the whole weekend.  I had no room in my luggage for it so I had no choice but to wear it during my flights home.  Suffice to say I got some stares from the blue hair and the Tiara.
My Trusty Camera Bag working as my carry one with my travel bear/pillow and my TokiDoki Captain America Hat for when I need to hide my face and take a nap on the plane.  I took tons of photos so I will hopefully get them posted tonight on flickr or start to load them at the least.

Before NYC I started to work on some more wedding items.  I learned how to make these Ribbon roses so I am working on a mini collection of them to use for my bouquet.  We'll see how far I get.

Mostly my evenings looked like this, trying to figure out what fabric flower combination to do next. I worked on my Bridesmaid headbands and diligently got the main flower done.  Then I just needed to get the headbands and some other things from NYC and then I would be set with those.

I love making these Kanzashi style flowers but it always takes more time then I expect it to.  I start going and then I look up and it's been several hours later.  It's worth it though and they look amazing.

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