Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I would Blog more but I'm getting Married

It's the truth.  You all know it.  I am getting down to the wire only 20 days left!  Craziness.  This past weekend was my Bridal shower that I might post some pictures of.  This coming weekend I am going to NYC to spend with my Bestie and one of my Newly appointed Bridesmaids. The following weekend I am going to the Lake house with Andy and a few friends to enjoy the quiet before the storm that is the wedding and ride some Roller Coasters at Cedar Point!

Until then I have nice long list of things I need to accomplish.  One of those things not on the list is my Wedding Dress.  I finally found the time and gusto to sit down and finish her up.  Here is a quick snap shot from my new fangled Droid X-2 phone (which has a story which I will tell at the end).

 The things I still make to do include:
  • My Bouquet
  • The Bouquet I am going to toss
  • Four bow ties for the band
  • Hair pieces for the Bridesmaids
  • Corsages for the Grandma's
  • Bouquets for the Bridesmaids
  • My Reception Dress
  • The Groom's Party Boutenierre's
  • Ring Pillow
  • Jelly Fish decorations for Reception
 I'm not in such a tight spot now that my College Preview Classes are over.  I'll miss the kiddies I was teaching but it does feel great to have some free time and a more normal work schedule again.  This picture was from my last day of class with them.  I'm rocking my TA's Ray Ban's and my new Toki Doki Captain America Hat.  My friend Laura from Rivet Gallery went to San Diego Comic Con and picked it up for me.

Now the story of my Phone.  My Bestie, and my friend Tony all have the same exact phone.  Numerous times we have picked up each other's phones.  When I visit Hyemi in Chicago we would pick up each others phones.  Once I couldn't find my phone staying with her so she called it.  She had put my phone in her purse while she was carrying around her own phone in her hand.   Anyways Saturday was my Bridal Shower and all three of us were there.  I kept picking up the wrong phone and wondering why my code wasn't working.  Found out I kept picking up Tony's phone whilst mine was in my pocket.  After much confusion with phones the next day when Hyemi was taking her flight back I was less concerned with mine.  Then she left and I went home to make sure my phone was charged for when she was going to call me at her connecting flight.  No luck.  Turned the house upside down and searched every newly acquired box and bag from the shower to still no avail.  Finally I gave up and consigned myself to the thought that "Hyemi must of taken it by mistake".  Unable to go Phoneless even for a day this close to the wedding I headed to Verizon.  Luckily I was up for a phone upgrade anyways.  Unlucky my older brother was supposed to pay off some charges are part of the deal for him to get on my phone plan with an Iphone.  Of course he didn't pay.  What should been merely a $200 bone deal to my preciously dwindling bank account is now a $450 punch in the gut and kick in the shin of my wallet.  Yes I did get a beautiful Droid X-2, but I was hoping to upgrade after the wedding ~sigh~ 
It get's better. About an hour after I have been home with this new dazzling phone and empty sadness of bank account, Andy (the boy whom I am marrying) e.mails me. "Guess what babe!  I found your phone in the pocket of my cargo pants I am wearing".  I might of wept a bit while muttering to myself FML over and over again.  You would think oh no biggie let's just return it but alas..... there is a $70 re-stocking fee so it wouldn't matter anyways.  Such is my life, whenever I have a chunk of change saved up and put away I get thrown some sort of calamity that is necessary to take care of ASAP.

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