Monday, August 15, 2011

Yoshi's Eggs

Just another little DIY project for the Wedding that I did. One of the few non-sewing ones that I had.  I turned these little wooden eggs into Yoshi egg's for the groomsmen boutonniere's.  Hard to believe I am so close to the wedding!  Only 6 days till we married and this bracelet becomes official!

I got these little wooden Eggs around Easter time in wooden craft section of either Michaels or Joannes.  I had Andy drill a small hole into the bottom of each one so I could slide in my floral wire and glue them into place.

I used just some run of the mill Acrylic paint for this project starting with white.

This was after one coat of paint, I ended up doing at least three. I was also smart in doing the wire part before the painting because that gave me something to hold while I was painting the egg without messing up my fingers or the other parts of the egg.  I also was able to let them dry by sticking them into the edges of books like a bookmark.

With all my eggs done I was ready for the green Polka dots.

I just used  small brush and tried to randomly paint the dots.  I did the best I could to keep them all around the same size.  I also had to do several coats on each dot so this took a little longer then I had expected.  I tried to clump on the paint to make it go faster but then it just looked like the egg had a disease.  I had to be patient and just do my layered coats.

My Eggs all done and in a row.  I am going to combine them with sprigs of ribbon and fresh lavender from my garden.

I'm so close to being done with all my sewing.  I think tonight will be the final push which is just the bowties and adjustments on the singer's dress.  I had a sort of large snag Friday, I tried on my wedding dress only to find that my original shoes did not match in style and they were too tall for my dress.  It just looked awkward like it was hovering too much over the floor instead of just brushing it.  Thankfully DSW always has a large assortment of smaller shoes and dress shoes always in stock.  I picked up these beauties to wear for my ceremony.  They are by Charles David and were on sale too!

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  1. You don't know me, but I've been following your blog...found you whilst searching for info on the North Bank Pavillon. I am so excited for you and wish you the best!! Cannot wait to see your reception pics.
    Fellow Columbus Bride