Friday, August 29, 2008

Fencers & Alice

I had forgotten I had photos of my Fencer Shirt & jacket from my old pattern.

So this is something to look forward to me putting into my Etsy shop in the near future.

I just bought some more fabric today but they were stripes. What I really need is some black denim and White Denim. I also need to adjust my sleeve pattern to make it more mutton shaped like my Previous Alice blouse.

Alice is another pattern I will need to remake probably without the intense Smocking....... or maybe with......
I'm not sure. It's a lot of work but it looks so fantastic. Maybe I will find another application that will be better suited for it.

The Pants are easy and I still have that pattern which no one ever see's the bottom but it comes to five points along all the pinstripe lines and seams.

I did just buy two sets of striped fabrics from "stitching post" because they are still having their fantastical sale on fabrics. I'm thinking of also some corset type vests. We'll see what I come up with over the long labor day weekend.

Everything else is sort of depressing so all I want to do is sew right now and knit.

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