Friday, August 08, 2008

I am terrible at sketching............ But I thought I would put something up that I was thinking of making. I was messaged twice this week inquiring on custom pieces. I have yet to hear back from either of them. I am trying really hard to not get overly excited. I will probably make one of the ones I have sketched here and post it at the price I quoted the one person. We shall see if it will incite them to get it or if it is the wrong size to go through with the Custom order.

I have been busy terrorizing everyone making bubbles. I have small callouses on my fingers from this. It will all be worth it just to make some sales and get something out in the world again. I get a lot of ohh and ahhh's still but that's all. I need to get it together and really get cranking on this collection. My deadline is now Before the end of October to present it to different boutiques in the area. Maybe even only 8 looks is too ambitious, but a lot of the things I have in mind just need to be reshaped from women's or men's into the opposing sex and sizes. As long as the first pattern is done and samples complete then I can grade to larger sizes later.

I put up another couple of knitted copper items on Etsy. Some rings that have always sold really well at the school art sales. They probably had the most traffic of anything else after I had just put it up the night before.

OH last night was terrible. To the left is what I should of looked like, completely passed out with Kilala in my arms but nope......... I had the creative jitters and just had to make more bubbles and work on clearing my space for this weekend to be able to pattern. I very nearly started to pattern the jacket I draped last week but stopped myself. 3AM is NO time to start a several hour draping and truing project.

This weekend nothing is stopping me from staying up all night to get at least ONE sample done which includes pattern and muslin. Maybe even time to alter a pattern from a previous collection into women's wear for this new one.

Yes, I sleep with many stuffed animals and somehow my boyfriend does still have room in the bed unless Kilala decides no one else can sleep in the bed (silly kitty).

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